07 December 2009

Eric brought pictars to calm your nerves!!

Well well well, you see what happened to the pub when I turned my back for 2 seconds (more like 2 Weeks actually)?

Funny shit happenz, that what. lol

So in order for you to calm your nerves (from all the extra hard lol you got from our Nerd rage friends ). Here's a simple picture post to follow up on this entry earlier, y'all

Yes!! I linked to my own post, now that's shameless attention seeking at it best!!

Oh and for our nerd raged friends, why not try this? And If the picture on top is anythings to go by, The Pub would like to sincerely invites you guys out for a round of drinks and engage in some proper discussion IRL?( are you guys familiar with the concept IRL??) You guys do drink right? Who knows, maybe we can go check out some bitches together after a few drinks eh?!

So new friends and old regulars alike, I brought you pictars!!! (or as I call it-lazyass update but don't let Henry know.)

Enjoy! if you can... (honestly I don't think this is gonna upstage the bitch fight we had earlier thou! XXD)


Is the same as this

Which in turns is the same as this:

Don't get it? Awwww you muthafucka didn't read my entry!! Here. Read. I only wish I can stir up as much shit as Henry with my posts!! You Bloody troll! We <3 you, you inglourious bastard!~

Till next time,


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