03 December 2009

Did we not choose to live (and die)?

Suicide has been one of the most performed and debated human activities, probably having a history as old as the world's oldest profession. From time to time, we would see someone committed suicide due to different reasons like work pressure, love affairs, debts, etc. And this issue became hot and gone again when a group had been established in Facebook, which has been removed now, gathering people to commit suicide in group or discuss ways to do that.

Whenever there is this kind of news, media would always invite psychologists, psychiatrists and concern groups like The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong or The Samaritans Hong Kong to explain how it could have been prevented. And they always come to the same conclusion: suicide is not a choice. But why? Someone would argue that God created us, we have no authority to take away our lives as a gift. But God also gave us another damned precious gift, the Free Will. We choose what we want and bear the consequences. No one can decide for me the best way of living, likewise no one could decide for me whether I should live or not. Isn't it self-defeating to claim that suicide is not a choice while accepting the fact that it's from our own free will?

Adam and Eve were told not to eat from the tree of knowledge, they did and the rest is biblical myth history. I am glad that Adam and Eve ate the fruit and made us what we are now, I can't imagine living a life of feeding and playing with animals in Eden without any emotional ups and downs, hate and love. So thanks to Adam and Eve.

Dick Lank is a middle class professional, a geek back at home after he got out of his filthy but branded suit. We met him down SoHo at a Ladies' Night out. The conversation regarding our common love of nerdy stuff naturally failed our chick-hunt. Dick decided he could utilise one of those nights for some geeky activities instead, like writing for the Libertines Pub.

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