31 December 2009

The Libertines Pub New Year's Eve food for thought: "God was a hard act to follow"

Brought to you by the FAIL Blog.

Come back for more shits in 2010. Happy New Year! Last chance to get shite drunk in 2009, dudes!

30 December 2009

The Libertines Pub year-end drinking

Have you guys had a merry X'mas? We asked you to get shite drunk and forget about the shits we've been through in 2009 for a while. We at the Libertines Pub surely did as what we'd said, like this:

The contributors at the Pub decided to gather for a year-end drink tonight at the Stag's Head. Come and join us! Or if you're with the retarded bloggers, come and kick our asses! Our invitation is still open for the assface and his associate.

Free beer (tomorrow)! Free beer for the assface today, though!

24 December 2009

It's almost Christmas!

That's what Christmas is all about. Merry Christmas, libertines! Get drunk tonight and forget about this poster!

23 December 2009

The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

To: Access to Information Officer of the Social Welfare Department
From: The Libertines Pub, Hong Kong

Dear Sir/Madam,

Merry Christmas! I'm sure you're so fucking merry, as you have nothing pretty much to do in your office! When the fuck are you going to shed us Light and tell us the Truth?! I asked for a retarded and simple copy of a set of accounts two damn weeks ago, and I'm sure it cannot involve archaeology, as it only dates back to 2007! Still, there's no Christmas gift for the Pub!

I'm gonna give you the fingers those people in the above e-card gave you after the Christmas holiday, only in a reversed way!


Henry C.

22 December 2009

Food for thought on Winter Solstice Festival

Yesterday, I talked about the conversation with a pretty hot lady online. Apart from bragging about having hot chick readers and luring those lonely nerds here, the post actually serves as food for thought for today. When you feast tonight on your greasy Winter Solstice food, think about the following question and have a stomachache after:

What is the most effective way of poking at others' value system?

Although we're self-proclaimed libertines and have the most liberal stances on different issues, we fall short of being relativists. Or else, we would never bother running this blog that makes no profit (anybody realises that we have never put any ads here?) and go on thinking what we trust and let others mind their own business. We do not want our readers to agree with us on everything. On the contrary, the more you're irritated, the better we've done. We write to irritate you and encourage you to think otherwise.

But from the conversation we read yesterday, sometimes it's obviously getting nowhere. We cannot buy the idea that values are not communicable or at least understandable. However, the defense system that protects one's believes and values may be the hardest one we see so far. That's what made this blog writing so interestingly difficult.

We try to use ridicule while poking at others' value systems. We used pictures; that proved to work quite well. Getting closer to the end of 2009, we invite you to think about how to make this shit works better with us. Leave your sexy comments, or write us, so we know!

P.S. that hot chick thing is for real, though some of you might still cling on to the belief that "there are no girls on the internet".

21 December 2009

Chatting with a reader

Although we're not as popular and influential as our retarded fellow bloggers, we do get feedback from some of our fans one way or the other. Last Friday, I had an IM chat with this pretty hot lady who happened to have started reading us recently:

Hot Lady: Why you go after Erica Yuen?

Me: Have you read this and this before?

Hot Lady: Ar...yes! I have no problem with those teen models. But compensated dating is certainly immoral...

Me: Why?

Hot Lady: Because the girls don't know what they're doing...they're taking risks...

Me: Is space exploration immoral, then?

Hot Lady: No, but it's like drink driving, which involved risks, so it's immoral.

Me: Yes, I can agree that drink driving is immoral...it could be harmful to others. But who're harm in compensated dating? You see, pimping and drug dealing could be immoral, but not compensated dating itself or drug taking...

Hot Lady: Henry, I'm worried that you argue like a libertine for the sake of being a libertine...I'm sure you don't want your daughter to be involved in compensated dating....

Me: Sure, I don't want my daughter to be involved. Because it's a filthy job like grave digging, but NOT because it's immoral...

Hot Lady: Well, I'm sure we have different views on morality...my view of morality have a broader scope than yours...so it's difficult for me to argue with you...

Me: Well, why wouldn't you think that you can convince me if you think you're right?

Hot Lady: I rather think about where to have hot pot tonight than convincing Henry...

Me: hahahaha....

Although conversation like this could lead to nowhere, we still love to hear from our readers. Talk to us and let us know how much you hate us like our writings! Free beer on us, and it's for real!

18 December 2009

What we really really really want? Pictures!

Dick has been updating us on the important climate summit COP15. Let's keep our fingers crossed on the final agreement among the 192 countries. By the publishing time of this post, the summit should be about to close and we will probably have an idea about the future ticket price to Mars.

We never doubt that the mother earth is getting warmer; we've got a picture proof here:

We're only a bit sceptical about these fights meetings when countries split instead of coming to an agreement, as pointed out by Dick:

And also, about the "smart guy":

Some of you might ask, what the hell carbon credit trade is about. Ignore that link to Wikipedia! We found this little comics that explained the deal better:

In the end of the day, we can definitely save our planet together!

Try not to worry too much, fellas! It's almost Christmas! Enjoy the weekend of eco-friendly Christmas shopping!

17 December 2009

What they really really really want?

Following the Climategate, once again there is a smart guy who wants to manage our expectation by some false or partially false claims about the melting of Arctic ice cap in summer months. It turned out that the scientist, whose work the smart guy's claim had been based on, came out and said "It's unclear to me how this figure was arrived at." Please, no more cry wolf. People do not believe in you anymore.

As COP15 approaches the end this week, our future may come to an end too when countries split. Everyone knows this agreement will be so important, not just because whether we can reduce the rate of damage to the Earth or the rate of use of resources on the Earth and survive longer, it also defines the new international order. The US is losing her domination in world economy and China has become a major buyer of her debts and goodwill after the economy turmoil. Having a say in the new order is essential to the states' strategy of survival, which requires a hold on both ends of the world by controlling the oil supply from the Middle East (that's why they're in Iraq) and capping the emission from your economic opponents.

When less people are concern about or believe in climate change and the world's leaders just keep playing tricks among themselves, no one should be optimistic about our future. Have you booked your ticket to Mars?

16 December 2009

Erica Yuen has her iPhone app, why not the Libertines Pub?

Weeks ago, the best friend of the Libertines Pub Erica Yuen bragged about showed us her iPhone app. Everybody knows that we're Internet Tough Guy wannabes and we dream constantly about becoming as successful as Erica one day. So we contacted these people at MotherApp, the company that made the popular OpenRice app, and somehow made them write an app for us. So here you go, free download at iTune:

Download the Pub's iPhone app

You can now get the latest update from the Pub in your iPhone/iPod. Our stupid Tweets are also fed into the app. You can easily retweet or share our bullshits in Facebook to make your friends frown at you using the app.

Download it today, get annoyed and annoy others for the rest of your life!

We promised to give Erica our free advertisements here, and so did I today. However, considering the fact that she's been successful enough in selling those funny green powder that makes you shit better, we'd like to recommend another less retarded and boring equally tempting app from the iTune store: the Kissy Chrissie Saipan 2009 iPhone/iPod app.

15 December 2009

The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

There was no Truth and Light Watch last week. Most of you know that we've been busy hiding our asses from the assface who hurt us and our buddie so bad by publishing our WFC important personal information here and here. The libertines here have been through the most terrible week of our lives. We wept non-stop, regretted for our unfounded claims and lived in the darkness for days. Truth and Light are something so alien to us during last week...

Those were bullshits. Seriously, I submitted an application to the Access to Information Officer of the Social Welfare Department mid-last week asking for the audited accounts the Society for Truth and Light submitted after their flag day in 2007. I waited, waited and waited. I sent them a reminder but there's still no reply. I told you that it would be a shitty experience dealing with the bureaucrats and I am right. I'm now developing my rage inside. Once enraged, I will Human Flesh Search the Access to Information Officer like what the assface did to us, because it works!

I don't plan to say much about the clip from the Society this week. It's plain retarded and hilarious. Even the speaker almost couldn't hold his laughter at 02:22! If he could somehow stop looking at the cue cards, he would make a brilliant stand-up comedian! Watch it here!

The cue card comedian asked us to listen to some positive love songs about monogamy instead of those talking about affairs and lust. I have a recommendation here.

I promise you that I will go after the Social Welfare Department. Until then, may the Truth and Light be with you!

14 December 2009

Beware of the local Taliban dressed as Democracy Proponents, they are all just extremists

Daveed is the first guest post contributor of the Libertines Pub. You can also read one of his Chinese blogposts related to this shit here.

Getting to know the enraged nerds of Hong Kong was an interesting experience for me, as I don't live in this hi-tech village. The funniest thing is that some of the supporters of these people felt a sense of relief after knowing that Henry is not a Caucasian native speaker of English! Why should that make any difference? Are they really racists in disguise?

Although it was fun reading their intelligence-challenged well-constructed points of view, I couldn't help feeling a little bit concerned about some of these so-called "democracy proponents".

As a self-proclaimed libertine myself, I have no qualms about anyone's political viewpoint, no matter how ridiculous they are much I disagree with them; and to be fair to them, Hong Kong does need to have different voices to be heard. However, the way they go about their business bothers me. These people go about labelling others, revealing private information, and generally do not listen to voices that don't agree with them. There were even allegations that one of these democracy proponents beat up a female volunteer at a June 4th event in 2006.

To me, their action is exactly the same as those of non-democratic governments that they are supposed to be fighting strongly against!

What a strange world we live in! People fighting tyranny with another form of tyranny!! People fighting extremism with another form of extremism!

Are these people wolves in sheepskin?

We all know that extremism is a dangerous thing, but it's also the easiest thing to fall into, because it's so simple, so black-and-white. Just look at how many young minds are "tricked" into following the Taliban, the Nazis and joining the Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution.

However, the real world that we live in is not just black-and-white, instead it's full of different shades of grey. The ancient Taoist symbol shows it best - the whole of the white half is within the black half, and vice versa, there is no complete black or complete white.

Perhaps some of those who proclaim to think in multi-languages (Chinese, English, Indonesian etc), should concentrate on thinking using a language that they are actually fluent in. This may prevent the muddled and twisted thinking enhance the clear analytical thinking that is currently evident. Then maybe, just maybe, they have a chance of understanding this.

A little mathematical explanation for other nerds who are maybe not so enraged:

Suppose you have some strong beliefs, which in an extremist's mind, are either correct (1), or absolutely wrong (0). If you have ten 1s, and multiply them together, you still get 1. Simple!

However, life is not so straightforward and the world is not digital, so it's not just made out of 0s and 1s. Suppose your beliefs are only 90% true (i.e. 0.9 instead of 1), when you multiply these together, you only get 0.35 (rounded up!), so are you so sure that what you believe so strongly is still so correct and infallible after all?

1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 = 1
0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 = 0.348678

Another mathematical analogy:

What happens at y=tan (π/2)? From the graph, you can say it's +infinity, or -infinity.

Conclusion, positive infinity is the same as negative infinity, just as different forms of extremism are essentially the same thing, just as extreme-left and extreme-right in politics are in fact both different forms of fascism.

The Pub would like to thank Daveed for his post. Haters and lovers, join in by writing to the editor.

11 December 2009

New Poll! NERD RAGE!!!!!!

We've been around the internet for some time, and I personally played WoW for about a year. Nerd Rage has been one of the most interesting and astonishing human phenomena we saw on the internet. Although we sort of understand nerds in some way, as we waste spend about an hour or two everyday online writing shits, tweeting, checking Facebook and downloading porns, we go back to real life to deal with real shits after. And not like our enraged nerd friends, the time we spend online could never be enough for the enraging process. We might someday say something about the phenomenon here, but we're worried that we'd be accused of making groundless claims and get another nerd enraged. That's why we decided to launch a scientific research project called NERD RAGE: National-wide Empirical Research on how Douchebags, Retards, and Assfaces Got Enraged!

To streamline the works, as we're not making any profit out of this crappy site, we will conduct a poll here. It should now be posted at the side-bar----->

Go and answer that now! Help us understand these peculiar creatures!

To thank you for your help, I give you the following collection of Nerd Rage pictures!

To be politically correct, I give you a female Nerd Rage:

This maybe useful for our research?


And of course, our famous AVGN!

Enjoy! It's Friday finally!

What we've learnt from climate change..

The Copenhagen climate summit has been one of the headlines we saw these days. Some say it's so important that it will determine the future of human race. And before this, officials of Maldive and Nepal performed some great shows to the world about how their countries' survival are threatened by climate change.

But what's really going on about climate change, I don't know. Especially when 'climate-gate' suggested that our respectable scientists might have been fooling us for years. What I certainly know is that big and rich countries are going to benefit from and take the lead in emission control while the poor and developing countries will suffer. The rich brings the world an emission cap and created something called Carbon Credit that are distributed NOT equally per capita, but where the rich get more. The poor use the credit to buy necessities and technology from the rich because things they provide are all 'green' and left no credit for development.
Some smart guys are already making real money out of it. Got better paid than the vice-prez job and the prez job you dreamed about for years, Al?

I can't can see a way out in stopping climate change with so many dump great world leaders fooling cooperating with each other in the summit. Why bother then? Let's leave the climate thing in their good hands, go driving a Hummer and have some great steaks!

10 December 2009

Stop acting like a jerk (or like an enraged nerd?!) on drug test!

Yesterday, the story about a study published by Hong Kong's psychiatrists that "strongly criticised" the drug test scheme in school made it to the headline of SCMP. On the very same day, Legco's Establishment Subcommittee approved the establishment of two principal assistant secretaries and one personal secretary positions in the Narcotics Division of the Security Bureau. These establishments imply an additional salary cost of HK$2M+ per annum for the year of 2010-11.

Undersecretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok said that they were aware of the psychiatrists' position paper and welcomed views of different groups. He said that they needed some experience gain from the trial scheme "which will be valuable when extending the scheme to other districts".

It is clear. They're not listening. The professional views of the doctors are just some other views that do not matter.

And they told us that they need to learn from the trial scheme in Tai Po. We asked them here in July not to treat our kids as guinea pigs. I said the government simply didn't know what they were doing. The drug test will make the kids feel annoyed and pressured and will achieve very little in combating drug problem. And the thing that annoys me most is that they are trying to use our kids to test out their ill-found scheme. Unfortunately, we're not as influential as our enraged nerd friends in the blogsphere, so our views are probably not heard by many.

It is also clear that the Tai Po trial scheme is only a start. They're going to sacrifice the privacy and self-esteem of our kids in Tai Po to come up with a territory-wide school-based drug test. They're also talking about a compulsory drug test outside of school. The performance targets of one of the directorate posts established included not only the completion of the trial scheme in Tai Po, but also the consultation and proposal of compulsory drug testing at community level. We pay this person HK$1M+ a year to turn a deaf ear to our voices (including those from the medical profession) and work out a compulsory drug testing scheme for every Villagers. Junkies, watch out for that! Time to immigrate to Holland!

Our Honourable Legco members were also doing what they do best. It was reported that some of them were not sure about the establishments, but they nevertheless approved them. Thank you for your good job! When our kids come clean and become nerds like Martin Oei and Kay Lam because of the damage done, they're going to vote you into the Legco again when they reach 18!

09 December 2009

For those of you who came through the retarded troll that worked on the nerds

While our new loves Martin Oei and Kay Lam busied themselves with finding out who we are, we enjoyed the traffic and fame their nerd rage brought. That is why we offered a few drinks to thank them a few times, but they never answer. Hey, Martin and Kay, we've told you we're regulars at Stag's Head! The burgers there are quite nice, you will have to pay that yourself; but the beers are on us! Check us out there, my friend!

So, new haters and lovers of the Libertines Pub, welcome! We only troll when we know it will work. And for these nerds, I did.

You may wonder what else we did apart from trolling. We have a weekly Truth and Light watch that brings you the latest stupidity of our Society for Truth and Light. We've been ranting about the drug tests. We even provided you with our survival tips on that. Contrary to what Martin and Kay thought, we're Apple Daily haters. We also poked at CCTVB.

We worried about the marginalisation of sex workers and the girls involved in compensated dating. We're Chrissie Chau lovers, so we tried to flame Erica Yuen. We declared war against hypocrisy, defended our privacy and private life.

We also have this "Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor" series where we took the piss out of a few Legco members from Starry Lee to Tanya Chan. We're just so sure that more will come on this, so stay tuned. Last but not least, we have this list of Missing People whom we'd love to reconnect with.

Those are some of the shits we went after. We never intend to be serious. We make fun of people and we almost always find ourselves standing on the other side. That's why we called ourselves libertines. We just think that people can always think a bit otherwise and have fun with that.

We come here, write a few paragraphs about some shits we saw. Then we leave our computers, head for a drinks or two, fuck our girlfriends/wives, then we go to sleep and get ready for another day of slavery. If you like reading our shits, we'll surely be happy and honoured. If you're offended, stop reading.

Haters and lovers, have fun here and come back for more!

07 December 2009

Eric brought pictars to calm your nerves!!

Well well well, you see what happened to the pub when I turned my back for 2 seconds (more like 2 Weeks actually)?

Funny shit happenz, that what. lol

So in order for you to calm your nerves (from all the extra hard lol you got from our Nerd rage friends ). Here's a simple picture post to follow up on this entry earlier, y'all

Yes!! I linked to my own post, now that's shameless attention seeking at it best!!

Oh and for our nerd raged friends, why not try this? And If the picture on top is anythings to go by, The Pub would like to sincerely invites you guys out for a round of drinks and engage in some proper discussion IRL?( are you guys familiar with the concept IRL??) You guys do drink right? Who knows, maybe we can go check out some bitches together after a few drinks eh?!

So new friends and old regulars alike, I brought you pictars!!! (or as I call it-lazyass update but don't let Henry know.)

Enjoy! if you can... (honestly I don't think this is gonna upstage the bitch fight we had earlier thou! XXD)


Is the same as this

Which in turns is the same as this:

Don't get it? Awwww you muthafucka didn't read my entry!! Here. Read. I only wish I can stir up as much shit as Henry with my posts!! You Bloody troll! We <3 you, you inglourious bastard!~

Till next time,


Meanwhile, follow us on twitter for more lol worthy moments, and what are our thought regarding our nerd raged friends!!

Updates! Our retarded fellow bloggers

We've officially got on the nerves of Martin Oei (黃世澤)!!

He threatened to bring Milfo and me to the Equal Opportunities Commission. We're shitting our pants now that we need more brown pants in supply. This moron also had an article published in Apple Daily today, where he still clung on to the "residence permit" thing we talked about this morning. Hey Martin, why don't you check the facts a bit before accusing others for being biased and discriminatory? That will make you looked less assfaced!

Our retarded fellow bloggers

I wrote this guest post about BritishHongKong and its advocates for the Dark Side last week. Considering that the topic is so negligible controversial, and that those serious people over TDS hold very stringent editorial rules, the post could only come out this morning. We even had to have a meeting in Dragon-I last Saturday evening to nail things down with Milfo.

The post was controversial, because it would get on the nerves of one of the top Hong Kong bloggers, Martin Oei (黃世澤), who's a big deal in the local blogsphere and media. Yesterday, I read a blog post by his close associate from the famous Plastic Hong Kong Blog that is equally negligible controversial yet important.

The blogger there claimed that my favourite Chinese local newspaper Apple Daily had made a biased report on the EU citizenship issue related to BN(O) passport holders. How biased was that? The reporter asked the Office of the European Commission in Hong Kong and Macao and the British Consulate-General Hong Kong and Macao if BN(O) holders enjoy a right of abode in EU countries after the signing of the Lisbon Treaty. The blogger doesn't seem to like the big fat NO as an answer. So, he quoted a copy of this German letter to make his point.

He got that letter from an earlier blog post of his associate Martin Oei. That letter was issued by the KVR of Munich, after a certain netizen they knew had applied for a "residence permit" to Germany with a BN(O) passport. I originally thought these two respectable bloggers read the German in the letter; it however turned out that they had to run it through the Google translator to read it instead. So, you can see it's a rigorous journalism!

Anyway, they believed that this letter they cannot read without a translation and whose source and context are unclear told the truth that they like to believe; while the answers the Apple reporters got from the EU Office and British Embassy are biased.

I had known very little about concepts like "right of abode" and "residence permit" before I encountered those retarded intelligent posts of them, so I checked. According to an immigration information page of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, there're different types of permits called "residence permits". In all cases, these permits "as a matter of principle, granted for a limited period of time and for the purposes listed in the Residence Act". EU citizenship, which entails "the right to move freely within the European Union and to enter and reside in any EU Member State", refers to something else. EU citizens are not required to apply for a "residence permit" for staying in Germany during the first three months. What's the real context of that German letter then? Somebody applying for a residence permit or enquiring about his/her EU citizenship?

I don't know the answers for those questions. I only know that these two losers accused others for being biased while clinging on to a "truth" that they understand so little. And these are our influential local bloggers! We've heard about the great Martin Oei over the Dark Side. Who's that guy writing the famous Plastic Hong Kong Blog, then? He is Kay Lam (林忌), the multi-talented dude who wrote the lyrics to the famous "Folk Guy's always with you!".

In the Hong Kong blogsphere, we have these morons who don't know shit from shinola got followed by hundreds of people. I told you about how this douchebag, who're an active player in the local IT industry, plagiarised the Twitter designs to make some stupid shits. I'm now contemplating subscribing to this Complete Social Media Douchebag service to stay in tune with our fellows.

04 December 2009

If Eric can write, so can you!

The Libertines Pub is now looking for contents!

Haters and lovers, if you have something to say here write to "editor at libertines.hk".

It can be a direct response to our posts, or a new topic you would like to bring to the Pub. We welcome one-off guest posts as well as long term commitment.

Of course, we still miss that Lingnan University cultural studies master student. Give us a post like this one and we will put it up immediately for the hell of it!


We told you we're the leaders of the creative community in our Hi-tech Village, we naturally keep our eyes open at the creative works of our Villagers.

What's that about? It's a "creative design" asking for a Road Map towards universal suffrage in Hong Kong's Legco and CE elections. We wondered why it's a penguin instead of a sailor or a boat. The next one looks like this:

Oh, it's because this series of "creative design" has a "bird" theme. But that blue little bird there looked...

No, it's NOT Twitter! It's only that I tweeted too much to develop this mental illness of taking every birds as the Twitter bird. You can see for yourself here, you would agree with me!

Thanks, SC Leung, the geek who has "been working in IT for near 20 years" and likes to "collaborate with good people for noble missions". We see your nobility in your plagiarism design!

For our respect for creativity, we reserve a Monday spot for you if you will give us a guest post, though we're not "good people". Write us!

03 December 2009

Did we not choose to live (and die)?

Suicide has been one of the most performed and debated human activities, probably having a history as old as the world's oldest profession. From time to time, we would see someone committed suicide due to different reasons like work pressure, love affairs, debts, etc. And this issue became hot and gone again when a group had been established in Facebook, which has been removed now, gathering people to commit suicide in group or discuss ways to do that.

Whenever there is this kind of news, media would always invite psychologists, psychiatrists and concern groups like The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong or The Samaritans Hong Kong to explain how it could have been prevented. And they always come to the same conclusion: suicide is not a choice. But why? Someone would argue that God created us, we have no authority to take away our lives as a gift. But God also gave us another damned precious gift, the Free Will. We choose what we want and bear the consequences. No one can decide for me the best way of living, likewise no one could decide for me whether I should live or not. Isn't it self-defeating to claim that suicide is not a choice while accepting the fact that it's from our own free will?

Adam and Eve were told not to eat from the tree of knowledge, they did and the rest is biblical myth history. I am glad that Adam and Eve ate the fruit and made us what we are now, I can't imagine living a life of feeding and playing with animals in Eden without any emotional ups and downs, hate and love. So thanks to Adam and Eve.

Dick Lank is a middle class professional, a geek back at home after he got out of his filthy but branded suit. We met him down SoHo at a Ladies' Night out. The conversation regarding our common love of nerdy stuff naturally failed our chick-hunt. Dick decided he could utilise one of those nights for some geeky activities instead, like writing for the Libertines Pub.

02 December 2009

The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

I finally got the newsletter from the Society for Truth and Light today. Apart from other boring but hilarious stuff, I learned that they will have a flag day on 13 February 2010!

I marked that on my diary immediately to make a point of not donating a dime on that day. I know that sometimes you would get a bit thick, especially when it's early in the morning. That's why I've scheduled a post to be published here in the morning of 12 February 2010 to remind us all about what to do the day after. Subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter to get the reminder!

Let's forget about their stupid ideology for a minute. Let's not rant about their preaching like before for now. Let's check if they really need a flag day to raise their fund; in other words, whether it is rational for us to donate money to them.

Let's read their 2008 annual report. On page 5, there's an unaudited financial report of 2008. Two notable items are:
  1. Salary/MPF expenditure: HK$2,763,587.34
  2. Publication expenditure: HK$160,151.75
According to their 2008 report, they have 10 staff members, including the general secretary, one deputy general secretary, and eight other project officers. On average, each of them earn around HK$23,000 a month. Shooting a few bullshit videos to earn that kind of salary, not bad at all! Of course, it's almost certain that Choi Chi-sum would earn more than others. Let's guesstimate he gets 1/3 out of the total sum. His monthly salary would be HK$76,000+, while other nine staff members would still earn an average of HK$17,000+ per month. It's a somewhat handsome package for an NGO general manager overseeing a small team and managing a moderate annual budget of a few millions Hong Kong dollars.

What're the publications, then? Mostly what I found here are online materials. They published a few printed books that they sell for money. Looking at their 2008 income from publication, I can tell that those books are not selling. So a good HK$160,000 spent?

Also appeared in the 2008 annual report is a budget for 2009. Funny how they took away the item for salary/MPF; maybe they decided to work without getting paid this year. However, they still managed to make up a HK$4,200,000 annual budgeted expenditure for those stupid projects.

So their accounts are funny. This also reminds me that before they had a flag day last time in 2007, they placed two advertisements in the newspapers to appeal the public for donation. We all know how expensive those ads are, that it's almost impossible for the income from a flag day to cover the cost for those ads. It is also stipulated in the conditions for issuing a permit for organising a flag day by the Social Welfare Department that, "expenses in connection with the flag day should not exceed ten percent of gross receipts".

God knows where will the flag day donation end up in (maybe only He knows).

I don't know why SWD issued a permit to the Society again. But the government's support to this moral terrorists group is not unknown (check out also the related Pearl Report clip here).

SWD requires organisations to publish an audited report of the accounts "in at least one local Chinese language newspaper and one local English language newspaper within 90 days after the flag day, and a copy of the account certified by the accountant or firm or corporate practice and original copies of the said newspaper cuttings shall be forwarded to the Director of Social Welfare at the same time." Therefore, I will ask the SWD for a copy of accounts of the Society's 2007 flag day and see what has happened. I will update you guys on the foreseeable shitty enjoyable experience dealing with the bureaucrats in SWD!

Until then, may the Truth and Light be with you!