26 November 2009

There's no line between ignorant and racism.

So I said: ''I need to bring the Machine down from within!!!'' Oh Hi!! Didn't realize you guy are already here. I was just talking to Henry about my Thanksgiving holiday plan.

Speaking of machines, couple of hours ago, while talking to a friend, and she brought up the issue of losing weight and was showing me all kinds of equipments and such. While I was in no mood for browsing excises equipment (srsly,cigarettes, blow and fingers down your throat are all you needed, girls, it worked for a young Katie Moss, rite?), it is always stimulating to watch the model demonstrate how to use them. So imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when this particular website caught my eyes.

I am sure there is no need to go into detail on how brilliantly ironic it is to rip off the old Jack in the Box logo as a fitness equipment website logo(!). So let us shift our attention to the middle of the website, right above those 2 cute little cats.
Did you see it? No? Here, let me help you out.

Here's what the bubbles are saying (for those Chinesely handicapped):
I can really pay after the good has arrived?
You delivery the goods to my door, I will treat you curry.

Smart! Real smart! Because Curry is a traditional food of the Indian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan etc (brown people?!) population! And those guys in the picture fit the profile (they are brown?) So they must show gratitude by treating others curry!!!

When I asked my friend does she see anything wrong with that picture and how would she feels if there were two Asian men and the delicacy in question is egg fried lice (rice) instead of curry. She said:

''well.. it's not true, cos Indian really likes curry, but us Asian, only Westerners think we like egg fried rice, but instead we like other things too.. so... it might not be egg fried rice''

Who'd like to play rearrange the sentence? Here's a hint. Take out Asian, Westerner and egg fried rice. (Let me see your result in the sexy comment box below this entry.)

So I understand that there are but a few proud racist out there, but do we know how many are unaware of their racist self?

Wanna find out? Answer this in 1/2 a second!! What do you call a Indian/Pakistani standing outside Cheung King Mansion in Cantonese? If your answer somewhat involve a fork you know what you are.


If you are walking alone and see a gentleman of African origin coming towards you,
Would you do this?:

Yep. I guess. We, as a village. Are racist.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all.

P.S I would like to thank Ms. T for sending me the Fitboxx website and contributing to a wonderful conversation this afternoon. ( I know you are not racist!)

P.P.S I am not a racist, I don't judge people by colour, in fact, like the infamous Stephen Colbert, I don't see colour in people at all! I only judge them by their income and facial features. .


  1. Excellent article!! I think our village is also "raicist" against people from Mainland China, who are the same race as us. The words "Ah Tsaan" springs to mind!! What an ignorant and racist lot our villagers are!!

  2. Thanks Daveed! oh yes, the worst thing is, most villages have no idea it's wrong...
    ..and do you remember the movie 表姐,你好嘢! ? the movie whole movie was stereotyping mainland Chinese. I guess the irony now is China totally pwned us in every aspects now.

  3. And that other movie Himalaya Singh!! Now that will never get shown in racism-aware places!!

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