30 November 2009

Our coppers put on a good justice show

Our Villagers not only love justice - they break into rapturous applause whenever our coppers crackdown criminal activities - they love to see the justice themselves.

The concern group for sex-related issues under Yau Tsim Mong District Council put up a "justice" show for our local journalists. Upon a crackdown of the brothels in the area, the police allowed the concern group to bring a crowd of journalists into a brothel for "justice" reporting. My favourite newspaper Apple Daily got a picture of four arrested sex workers sitting on a bed. The coppers are very thoughtful for the sex workers. They asked the reporters to make sure that the sex workers' faces would be pixelised when printed.

I don't know what you think, but I can see that the coppers now adopt a more transparent operation. They intentionally mistakenly released the name of the school which took part in the undercover operation to crackdown drug dealings. A mistake it might be, and they apologised, but I think the release of the name suits our Villagers' taste; they love transparency!

So don't be surprised when there are cameras pointing at you next time when the coppers check your ID. They're most probably invited. Smile when you speed as well, they will probably publish an enlarged photo of you in your car they got from their speed camera.

In the name of justice, say cheese!

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