10 November 2009

May the victim rest in peace, and the asses burned in hell

We started this week with a tragic piece of news on Monday morning, the Libertines Pub sincerely hope that the victim of the bus accident in TKO will rest in peace and the injured will recover soon.

I'm sure most of us care about the victims and would like to know what's happened. But I doubt if anyone would like to see those photos at the headline of Apple Daily on Monday. The page was loaded with vivid but gross pictures of the victims, including a really close-up shot of the dying young woman. They would argue that those are the "truth" their journalism brought. Anyone who prefers that kind of photo reporting and that kind of "truth" is pretty fucked-up in head and needs some help. Or they might want to join this pervert page as a fan in Facebook. You can see from the page that they're so proud of their photo-journalism. Jimmy Lai should give the reporters who worked on that piece of news a 13% pay rise next year.

The government has been listening regarding drug test? To whom?

Some 100 students marched to the government office last Sunday protesting against the drug test. They're joined and supported by doctors and pharmacists. Our experienced new Undersecretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok bored us another standard, bureaucratic, official reply, claiming that "the government had maintained close communication with the education sector". I have not heard much strong support from the education sector, while I heard lots of comments against the test scheme.

I told you that our government loves us so much. This might be another "proof that love's not only blind but deaf". And if they're listening, how could they possibly ignore the views of the medical profession? Be honest, the whole scheme is groundless and authoritative. It might be easier for our Villagers if the government would admit that.

Anyone still remember our Political Assistants?

The nine Political Assistants who screwed us for paying them HK$100,000+ per month and disappeared will be listed as the Libertine Pub's missing people. What the hell have they been doing all these months?

This pretty weird-looking hot Katherine Ng should show up more. Drug test might become a good stuff if she was the one selling that to us.


David Webb brought us this report about the recent monumental achievement of our financial black hole: Cyberport. Even New Zealand has to beg us to share our know-how on "how Hong Kong's Government intervened in the commercial, retail and residential property markets by creating this project, awarded without tender to the son of Hong Kong's richest person".

If Lion Rock Institute would be half as serious as Mr Webb on research, instead of writing a few lame Op-Eds once in while, I would have given my wholehearted support to this free market think tank.

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