27 November 2009

The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

I don't know why my favourite weekly newsletter from The Society for Truth and Light has not come. There's a possibility that they don't want to be watched by the Libertines Pub anymore. If that's the case, then they need to close down their colourful website as well (I thought any organisation that hates fags that much would never use that many colours...rainbow is the colour of the gay!).

They have another boring and retarded interesting video commentary this week that is entirely negligible. I just think that their staff there are having a very hectic but meaningless life. I imagine their moral terrorist group leader sticking the barrel of his AK-47 into their months and forcing them to do these videos. You can tell that they couldn't think of anything meaningful to talk about. That's why they had to talk about these phone sex services ads that nobody ever reads in magazines. For the hell of it, watch the clip if you're bored.

I discovered a funny FAQ section in their website. I'd get very confused enlightened if I had known about this site when I was 12.

Among those FAQs, this question caught my eyes, as I'm a wanker myself. A Form 4 student asked if it's ok to jerk off and the proper way of doing it. The Society promised Truth and Light, so they gave this lad certain "truth" for him to judge for himself.
  1. Masturbation could hurt your prostate gland
  2. Masturbation could lead to premature ejaculation
  3. Masturbation could affect your ability to fuck
  4. Too much masturbation exhausts you for no purpose
  5. Masturbation leads you to a vicious circle of sexual fantasy
  6. If you think about somebody when you wank, you could confuse your fantasy with the reality and go rape that somebody
  7. The more you wank, the more you want to read porn
  8. If you're a perv, and wank and read porn at the same time, it's highly likely that you will become a sexual criminal
I checked the list and see if I should go on wanking:
  1. So far, so good
  2. No
  3. NAH!
  4. There's a purpose, dude!
  5. I'm a perv anyway
  6. It worked the other way around for me
  7. Again, the other way around
  8. Not yet happened
Been relieved, I'm off to jerk off now. May the Truth and Light be with you!

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