20 November 2009

The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

For those of you who speak Cantonese, watch this hilarious clip by the Society's elephantine Research Director on Life and Ethics. Do you think he knows what he was talking about?

For those of you who don't speak Cantonese, I can assure you that you didn't miss a shit. That Dr Chan merely ranted about the recent incidents concerning the local police. He asked, what would happen if there's a robbery around when the two police constables were taking pictures.

Dr Chan, the answer is, they could stop the photo session and do their job immediately. They're not engaging in the old in-out, in-out, they're just taking pictures!

And he further urged us not to do MSN, SMS, and make personal calls at work, because our responsibility at work is to work, and work only. So, Christians out there, Dr Chan asked you to shut your fucking browser now if you're at work! Come back later tonight!

Face it, being a police constable on the beat is one of the most boring job in the world. I was told that one could finish walking through the beat in 30 minutes. That means in their eight hours of duty, they're stuck in that tiny area doing nothing but walking and standing. I'm just afraid if there're not allowed to do this and that, they will all go nuts one day and fire some random shots out there.

I can agree that the two of them were stupid to have uploaded the photos to Facebook. The internet is full of police haters. But we're asking for too much if we condemn them for taking a few pictures on duty. Photography is just fashionable and....useful in certain context. Remember, they're flesh and blood.

May the Truth and Light be with you!


  1. I hate companies who like to block everything and anything to squeeze the last drop of productivity out of their workers. It's insane. Well, I don't think they can block the 3G network, yet, right? I hope not. If Dr. Chan was to run any company he would block all websites except his, and probably expect his workers/slaves to work from 9 to 9, take 10-minute lunch break at the desk, and take two bathroom breaks at most. And no overtime pay.

  2. I imagine he would lock his staff there after work to read bible and say prayers with him, too.


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