13 November 2009

The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

I told you before that I started this blog out of two inspirations: the bullshit from my redneck colleagues and the rise of religious right in Hong Kong. The Society for Truth and Light has been the most annoying but hilarious religious right group in Hong Kong (For those of you who are illiterate and can't read the Wiki link above, here's a video clip of the Pearl Report about the Society; part 2 here and part 3 here). I have subscribed to their weekly email updates for a few weeks now, and had a hell of good laugh every Thursday reading their e-news (you can get them here). I then think that it might be interesting to rant a bit about their bullshits here.

So, I give you: The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

Our moral Taliban, the General Secretary of the Society Choi Chi-sum, does a weekly video commentary on their website. This week, this d-bag talked about his favourite issue: homosexuality.

The moral terrorist has his funny way of thinking about things. He claimed that homosexual right supporters unjustly "labelled" those who oppose homosexuality as discriminatory homophobes. I found it fucking difficult to understand what does that mean, so I consulted the Wikipedia. They think that homophobes like them are discriminated for their discrimination against homosexuals. Eyes bleeding? In plain words, if you accuse the homophobes for their hate towards the gay and lesbian, you are actually discriminating them.

That d-bag argued that because homosexuality is still controversial, homophobes still have the right to discriminate against the homosexuals...I'm sure some people could still manage to find homosexuality controversial, like my hypocritical redneck colleagues here. But I find it pretty insane and courageous for anybody to openly claim that gay is wrong nowadays.

If Choi wants to claim that homosexuality is wrong, he ought to give us a justification. He avoids saying that directly, because he doesn't have a good reason. If he does, his last resort will be a line or two out of the bible. Eric wrote to his god earlier and asked if gay is really wrong, but god must be too busy these days for a reply.

So Choi's ultimate resort in that video was the following argument: by educating our people the right, non-discriminatory, and fair view towards homosexuality, such sexual orientation will be promoted and popularised. And it's not right to make more people gay. OMFG! You can see that this d-bag is a real Christian in his blood. He thinks precisely in a Christian way! To him, everything in the world works through preaching. The more you preach about homosexuality to somebody, the more likely you will make him gay and her a lesbian. Gay people, don't talk to me!

If the world really works in such a crazy way as fantasised by Choi, then Christianity fails gravely after all these years of preaching...

So that's it for this week. May the Truth and Light be with you!

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