19 November 2009

It's better governance, John!

We don't always stand on the other side against the government. I quite like the recent proposal by the government to help the schools get rid of the use of lunch boxes by setting up canteens and applying reusable lunch containers and cutlery. Although I could imagine that the food will be as terrible as before (or could be worse), the plan is something MUCH better than the ill founded drug test.

And although I praised Bishop John Tong Hon before for his honest comments against the drug test, I cannot support the church in their legal battle against the government regarding the school management reforms.

The church appealed in the court the constitutionality of the reforms, that requires "all schools to set up by 2012 their own incorporated management committees comprising 40 per cent elected representatives of parents, teachers and alumni, with the remaining 60 per cent appointed by sponsoring bodies." (Free to browse report from The Standard here)

The church argued that their freedom to operate and manage their 205 schools will be infringed. They don't like the idea of having "outsiders" as managers.

Parents, teachers, and alumni are outsiders?

Anybody who had working experience at the management level of an organisation knows that diversity is one of the keys of good governance, though I believe some of our Villagers who're well trained totalitarians may think otherwise. There is no point to have a board or a management committee that has only one voice. And I don't understand why the church is so reluctant about introducing a more transparent and accountable management system to their schools. Funny accounts?

After all, they will still have 60% of the vote in those committees. It seems to me the church simply wants its kingdom untouched. Maybe they are still reminiscing their good old days of monasticism.

I will say a prayer to their god tonight and ask him to let the government win this time.

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