23 November 2009

If they mass resigned, I would vote the pigeons out!

Democratic Party's refusal to participate in the proposed "mass resignation" from the legislature came as no surprise to me. In response to this tweet, I said those democrats just didn't like the idea of surrendering their seats and the monthly HK$60,000+ resource per head. So when Albert Ho commented that mass resignation would be a "form of surrender", you know what did he mean.

I quite like the idea of mass resignation by the pan-democrats. Not that I think I will vote the pan-democrats in again in the by-election to show my support for a more rigorous electoral reform in Hong Kong. I know they know we know that it's not going to happen; Big Brother has his own plan and schedule. The mass resignation means nothing.

Quite the contrary, I'm going to vote the other side in; whoever that is will be fine, just not someone from the pro-democracy camp. And definitely not those assfaces from the Democratic Party. For the 15 years they've been around, Hong Kong has gone further and further away from having democracy. You might think that it's not their fault; the real evil is the Big Brother and its puppet government in Hong Kong. But our going further away from democracy shows that the Democrats are pretty much useless. They care only about their Legco seats and the fat pay cheques. They appeal you to vote them in by giving you a false hope of democracy. Face it, they're definitely not as childish as some of you out there. They know that they can do nothing to change the Big Brother's mind. They knew it from 1 July 1997 (or even earlier). They're here just for the seats and the pay. And up till the last Legco election, they still competed and won a seat in the functional constituency, the devil that they unreservedly advocated by action.

So I see the by-election as a chance for me to vote against the pan-democrats and voice my dissatisfaction with their works.

Let's do a thought experiment. Imagine one day, all pan-democrats in Hong Kong vanish. What will happen? There will be no more June 4 vigil and July 1 march. The Big Brother will continue to screw us and take away a little bit of freedom from us everyday. It's the same for me, as I don't go to June 4 vigil and July 1 march.

Those pigeons are only annoyingly useless. It won't be worse without them.


Michael Chugani found the comic side of our democracy struggle, read that here (SCMP, 23 November 2009).

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