17 November 2009

Donald wrote to us, we write back

Our Honourable Chief Executive Donald Tsang wrote two letters to our students and parents yesterday, so we wrote back.

Dear Mr Tsang,

Thank you for your letter! I'm so flattered and surprised by your love and care for us!

Yes, you definitely know a lot about teenagers in Hong Kong. We do face many difficult challenges; to make it worse, people told us that our hard works will lead us nowhere. What "rewarding life" are you talking about, Mr Tsang? They told us that we will end up being one in a million university graduates who will have heavy tuition debts to pay, work a crappy low-paid job, and pay a rocket high rent or risk our life-long finance by taking out a life-long mortgage for home. Mind you it's after years of rote-learn-and-no-play studies!

I understand that you want to fight this battle together with us. But a drug test? As far as I understand, it will not only cause me "minor inconvenience". You have long forgotten what it feels like as a student when the school does things like schoolbag search. It's freaking us out, Mr Tsang! You know kids...even if we did nothing wrong, it's still going to freak us out! I don't really want to go to school and face such kind of white terror everyday! And what about false positives? They told us that there'll be another test if I got a positive result. But it's embarrassing enough already! Once kids labelled another kid as something, nothing's going to change that for years, not even a confirmation test to falsify the original test result! You sure you understand kids' behaviour?

And those who do drugs seldom come back to school. In the end of the day, you will have cultivated a white terror in the campus, while those bad kids will still be doing drugs. I am a good kid and I read newspaper everyday. SCMP reported yesterday that, it's better to help those bad kids out there at night, instead of turning the school into a white terror factory.

If you insist on making us unhappy, we have no choice but learn the survival tips from these bad guys who called themselves "libertines".

Yours sincerely,



Dear Donald,

I'm glad that you mentioned the importance of family in your letter.

Don't make it sounded like I know nothing about my children. I have good communications with my kids and I know what is going on with them. There're signs when a kid does drugs. Only those parents who don't care and don't see their kids for more than an hour per day can possibly ignore those signs. So stop threatening me.

You also admitted that the kid you mentioned did drug because he felt insufficient care from his parents. It's typical for some of the well-off families in Hong Kong. Parents work day and night and spend very little time with their kids. Maybe the bosses and tycoons are to blame? What're you going to do about that? A voluntary work hour audit for all offices? Maybe a pilot scheme in the finance and accounting sector, where the problem of long work hour is most serious there?

It is incumbent upon us, as parents, to decide what's the best way for us to communicate with our children. We don't need the government's intervention on our private family lives. You better mind your business of curbing the illegal drug supply, while we mind our own business. We will seek help actively from social workers and teachers if we find it difficult to handle the communications with our children. Stop shoving this "communication platform" with our children called drug test down our throats. And stop copying Singapore, I am sure you had a happy trip there just now; we're not going to have a totalitarian democracy in Hong Kong (when we've yet to have a democracy), we said no to caning a long while ago, Donald!

Yours sincerely,


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