11 November 2009

Dog him, dog her, dog them, but no us! Or we're giving you a dog's life

What do you do when somebody cuts your bus queue on your way to work in the morning?

Libertines here tell them to "fucking go to hell!"

So when our Honourable LSD Legco member "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung called the pro-establishment Wen Wei Po reporter a "dog", I consider that lightweight. The English newspapers in Hong Kong are also never as truthful as Apple Daily. The reporter who provoked Long Hair into the dogfight is female. In order to be truthful and precise, the curse term should be translated as "bitch".

It's the libertine's way of handling things.

If you hate Long Hair, you can always call him "son of the bitch" 10 times.

But no, nobody hates Long Hair except the ass-kissing pro-establishment people and journalists and they're all dogs. Those pro-democracy political louts enthusiasts are now even organising a complaint against that bitch. On what ground? That bitch didn't do her job as a journalist! She didn't check if Long Hair's LSD bro The Honourable Albert Chan Wai-yip had really stolen from donations. She should have made sure about the facts before asking, or provoking, Long Hair with that allegation.

If you ask our politician wannabe, the hypocrite who got on the pan-democracy bandwagon, Charles Mok, about that, he will probably assure you that Albert Chan NEVER does anything wrong (by the way, Charles, congratulations! You are the first one made it to our Twitter hypocrites list!).

So it's the same old "pan-democrats are always right" shit love. Whoever dare challenge the Holiness of our pan-democrats are dogs!

I am not interested in the facts. I don't give a damn if Albert Chan did steal; people from the pro-establishment to pan-democracy camps are all good at doing funny things one way or the other. Neither do I give a damn if that bitch intentionally provoked Long Hair. I think the only professional newspaper in Hong Kong is Apple Daily, anyway. What interested me was Long Hair's practice of the eye for an eye morality. That's just so...libertine!

Let us dog you all, bitches!

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