27 November 2009

Basic Law lyrics writing contest opens!!!

You know we're the leaders of the creative community in our Hi-tech Village. Two out of the three bloggers involved here are semi-professional musicians. So we're going to enter this contest, a breaking news we picked from a tweet:

They're talking about a trophy and $5,000 worth of COUPON for the winner! We don't think it's going to be difficult. Just listen to this crap song they made before.

To make sure the creatively challenged talented Villagers have a fruitful experience during the contest, they will organise three workshops for the contestants. For some reasons, the second and the third workshops involve a tour around the Metro Radio station. You will have a chance to meet their DJs and certain singers. Smart publicity campaign, maybe; we know youngsters like celebrities.

I would certainly go to the first workshop, because my favourite local lyricist Chow Lai Mou will be there! Locals would easily recall this Bowie Lam hit and all time favourite called Split. Who wrote the brilliant lyrics for this tune? Nobody but Chow Lai Mou!!!

(Those of you who don't speak Cantonese might wonder what's up with this shit. In the chorus of this Bowie Lam song, Chow wrote:

Split in a man's heart upsets woman...
If a man doesn't split, woman will be beautified...

The meaning of these lyrics has been one of the $64,000 questions around the local internet community for years.)

I will go there and I will ask Chow about the metaphysical meaning of the lyrics in Split. And I will seek advice from him before writing my Basic Law Superhit. Libertines Pub readers will be invited to the ceremony when I claim the first prize of the contest with my more retarded than Chow lyrics!

P.S. Anybody wants to sing our demo? Leave a comment or write me.


  1. 2 out of 3 bloggers here are semi-pro musician??! I play a wicked air guitar, mate! lol

  2. Yes, two outta three includes you! Icarus plays no shit!

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