30 November 2009

Our coppers put on a good justice show

Our Villagers not only love justice - they break into rapturous applause whenever our coppers crackdown criminal activities - they love to see the justice themselves.

The concern group for sex-related issues under Yau Tsim Mong District Council put up a "justice" show for our local journalists. Upon a crackdown of the brothels in the area, the police allowed the concern group to bring a crowd of journalists into a brothel for "justice" reporting. My favourite newspaper Apple Daily got a picture of four arrested sex workers sitting on a bed. The coppers are very thoughtful for the sex workers. They asked the reporters to make sure that the sex workers' faces would be pixelised when printed.

I don't know what you think, but I can see that the coppers now adopt a more transparent operation. They intentionally mistakenly released the name of the school which took part in the undercover operation to crackdown drug dealings. A mistake it might be, and they apologised, but I think the release of the name suits our Villagers' taste; they love transparency!

So don't be surprised when there are cameras pointing at you next time when the coppers check your ID. They're most probably invited. Smile when you speed as well, they will probably publish an enlarged photo of you in your car they got from their speed camera.

In the name of justice, say cheese!

27 November 2009

Basic Law lyrics writing contest opens!!!

You know we're the leaders of the creative community in our Hi-tech Village. Two out of the three bloggers involved here are semi-professional musicians. So we're going to enter this contest, a breaking news we picked from a tweet:

They're talking about a trophy and $5,000 worth of COUPON for the winner! We don't think it's going to be difficult. Just listen to this crap song they made before.

To make sure the creatively challenged talented Villagers have a fruitful experience during the contest, they will organise three workshops for the contestants. For some reasons, the second and the third workshops involve a tour around the Metro Radio station. You will have a chance to meet their DJs and certain singers. Smart publicity campaign, maybe; we know youngsters like celebrities.

I would certainly go to the first workshop, because my favourite local lyricist Chow Lai Mou will be there! Locals would easily recall this Bowie Lam hit and all time favourite called Split. Who wrote the brilliant lyrics for this tune? Nobody but Chow Lai Mou!!!

(Those of you who don't speak Cantonese might wonder what's up with this shit. In the chorus of this Bowie Lam song, Chow wrote:

Split in a man's heart upsets woman...
If a man doesn't split, woman will be beautified...

The meaning of these lyrics has been one of the $64,000 questions around the local internet community for years.)

I will go there and I will ask Chow about the metaphysical meaning of the lyrics in Split. And I will seek advice from him before writing my Basic Law Superhit. Libertines Pub readers will be invited to the ceremony when I claim the first prize of the contest with my more retarded than Chow lyrics!

P.S. Anybody wants to sing our demo? Leave a comment or write me.

The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

I don't know why my favourite weekly newsletter from The Society for Truth and Light has not come. There's a possibility that they don't want to be watched by the Libertines Pub anymore. If that's the case, then they need to close down their colourful website as well (I thought any organisation that hates fags that much would never use that many colours...rainbow is the colour of the gay!).

They have another boring and retarded interesting video commentary this week that is entirely negligible. I just think that their staff there are having a very hectic but meaningless life. I imagine their moral terrorist group leader sticking the barrel of his AK-47 into their months and forcing them to do these videos. You can tell that they couldn't think of anything meaningful to talk about. That's why they had to talk about these phone sex services ads that nobody ever reads in magazines. For the hell of it, watch the clip if you're bored.

I discovered a funny FAQ section in their website. I'd get very confused enlightened if I had known about this site when I was 12.

Among those FAQs, this question caught my eyes, as I'm a wanker myself. A Form 4 student asked if it's ok to jerk off and the proper way of doing it. The Society promised Truth and Light, so they gave this lad certain "truth" for him to judge for himself.
  1. Masturbation could hurt your prostate gland
  2. Masturbation could lead to premature ejaculation
  3. Masturbation could affect your ability to fuck
  4. Too much masturbation exhausts you for no purpose
  5. Masturbation leads you to a vicious circle of sexual fantasy
  6. If you think about somebody when you wank, you could confuse your fantasy with the reality and go rape that somebody
  7. The more you wank, the more you want to read porn
  8. If you're a perv, and wank and read porn at the same time, it's highly likely that you will become a sexual criminal
I checked the list and see if I should go on wanking:
  1. So far, so good
  2. No
  3. NAH!
  4. There's a purpose, dude!
  5. I'm a perv anyway
  6. It worked the other way around for me
  7. Again, the other way around
  8. Not yet happened
Been relieved, I'm off to jerk off now. May the Truth and Light be with you!

26 November 2009

There's no line between ignorant and racism.

So I said: ''I need to bring the Machine down from within!!!'' Oh Hi!! Didn't realize you guy are already here. I was just talking to Henry about my Thanksgiving holiday plan.

Speaking of machines, couple of hours ago, while talking to a friend, and she brought up the issue of losing weight and was showing me all kinds of equipments and such. While I was in no mood for browsing excises equipment (srsly,cigarettes, blow and fingers down your throat are all you needed, girls, it worked for a young Katie Moss, rite?), it is always stimulating to watch the model demonstrate how to use them. So imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when this particular website caught my eyes.

I am sure there is no need to go into detail on how brilliantly ironic it is to rip off the old Jack in the Box logo as a fitness equipment website logo(!). So let us shift our attention to the middle of the website, right above those 2 cute little cats.
Did you see it? No? Here, let me help you out.

Here's what the bubbles are saying (for those Chinesely handicapped):
I can really pay after the good has arrived?
You delivery the goods to my door, I will treat you curry.

Smart! Real smart! Because Curry is a traditional food of the Indian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan etc (brown people?!) population! And those guys in the picture fit the profile (they are brown?) So they must show gratitude by treating others curry!!!

When I asked my friend does she see anything wrong with that picture and how would she feels if there were two Asian men and the delicacy in question is egg fried lice (rice) instead of curry. She said:

''well.. it's not true, cos Indian really likes curry, but us Asian, only Westerners think we like egg fried rice, but instead we like other things too.. so... it might not be egg fried rice''

Who'd like to play rearrange the sentence? Here's a hint. Take out Asian, Westerner and egg fried rice. (Let me see your result in the sexy comment box below this entry.)

So I understand that there are but a few proud racist out there, but do we know how many are unaware of their racist self?

Wanna find out? Answer this in 1/2 a second!! What do you call a Indian/Pakistani standing outside Cheung King Mansion in Cantonese? If your answer somewhat involve a fork you know what you are.


If you are walking alone and see a gentleman of African origin coming towards you,
Would you do this?:

Yep. I guess. We, as a village. Are racist.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all.

P.S I would like to thank Ms. T for sending me the Fitboxx website and contributing to a wonderful conversation this afternoon. ( I know you are not racist!)

P.P.S I am not a racist, I don't judge people by colour, in fact, like the infamous Stephen Colbert, I don't see colour in people at all! I only judge them by their income and facial features. .

25 November 2009

Why I called some of the pan-democrats "assfaces"

I never think that resignation from the legislature, in whatever way, would make happen a more rigorous electoral reform in Hong Kong. I told you yesterday that I would only use that opportunity to vote those assfaces out. I am sure many of you would be disturbed by my use of the word "assface". Let's check out how these assfaces see democracy, and you might start to agree with me.

Ronny Tong and Szeto Wah now openly oppose the idea of mass resignation. They also appealed to other pan-democrats not to force the Democratic Party to join the campaign. They consider giving pressure to the Democrats on resignation undemocratic (Szeto Wah's view reported here; Ronny Tong's view copied here). They of course never fail to sugar-coat their stance. They called it respect and tolerance.

Their version of democracy is purely free riding. When you feel a bit lack of power, you ask for collaboration; but when it comes down to sacrifice and risk-taking, one should respect and tolerate the free riders' freedom to jump ship.

It's not a rocket science. Everybody knows that bargaining and committed collaboration are among the most important vehicles for achieving anything in a democratic society. One's freedom to act means very little in social mobilisations. It's the sum-total of the individual freedom that makes anything happens. To claim one's freedom to desert upon "call to arms" in their great democracy struggle smells coward and selfish to me.

Can you resist calling them assfaces and voting them out later?

23 November 2009

If they mass resigned, I would vote the pigeons out!

Democratic Party's refusal to participate in the proposed "mass resignation" from the legislature came as no surprise to me. In response to this tweet, I said those democrats just didn't like the idea of surrendering their seats and the monthly HK$60,000+ resource per head. So when Albert Ho commented that mass resignation would be a "form of surrender", you know what did he mean.

I quite like the idea of mass resignation by the pan-democrats. Not that I think I will vote the pan-democrats in again in the by-election to show my support for a more rigorous electoral reform in Hong Kong. I know they know we know that it's not going to happen; Big Brother has his own plan and schedule. The mass resignation means nothing.

Quite the contrary, I'm going to vote the other side in; whoever that is will be fine, just not someone from the pro-democracy camp. And definitely not those assfaces from the Democratic Party. For the 15 years they've been around, Hong Kong has gone further and further away from having democracy. You might think that it's not their fault; the real evil is the Big Brother and its puppet government in Hong Kong. But our going further away from democracy shows that the Democrats are pretty much useless. They care only about their Legco seats and the fat pay cheques. They appeal you to vote them in by giving you a false hope of democracy. Face it, they're definitely not as childish as some of you out there. They know that they can do nothing to change the Big Brother's mind. They knew it from 1 July 1997 (or even earlier). They're here just for the seats and the pay. And up till the last Legco election, they still competed and won a seat in the functional constituency, the devil that they unreservedly advocated by action.

So I see the by-election as a chance for me to vote against the pan-democrats and voice my dissatisfaction with their works.

Let's do a thought experiment. Imagine one day, all pan-democrats in Hong Kong vanish. What will happen? There will be no more June 4 vigil and July 1 march. The Big Brother will continue to screw us and take away a little bit of freedom from us everyday. It's the same for me, as I don't go to June 4 vigil and July 1 march.

Those pigeons are only annoyingly useless. It won't be worse without them.


Michael Chugani found the comic side of our democracy struggle, read that here (SCMP, 23 November 2009).

20 November 2009

The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

For those of you who speak Cantonese, watch this hilarious clip by the Society's elephantine Research Director on Life and Ethics. Do you think he knows what he was talking about?

For those of you who don't speak Cantonese, I can assure you that you didn't miss a shit. That Dr Chan merely ranted about the recent incidents concerning the local police. He asked, what would happen if there's a robbery around when the two police constables were taking pictures.

Dr Chan, the answer is, they could stop the photo session and do their job immediately. They're not engaging in the old in-out, in-out, they're just taking pictures!

And he further urged us not to do MSN, SMS, and make personal calls at work, because our responsibility at work is to work, and work only. So, Christians out there, Dr Chan asked you to shut your fucking browser now if you're at work! Come back later tonight!

Face it, being a police constable on the beat is one of the most boring job in the world. I was told that one could finish walking through the beat in 30 minutes. That means in their eight hours of duty, they're stuck in that tiny area doing nothing but walking and standing. I'm just afraid if there're not allowed to do this and that, they will all go nuts one day and fire some random shots out there.

I can agree that the two of them were stupid to have uploaded the photos to Facebook. The internet is full of police haters. But we're asking for too much if we condemn them for taking a few pictures on duty. Photography is just fashionable and....useful in certain context. Remember, they're flesh and blood.

May the Truth and Light be with you!

19 November 2009

It's better governance, John!

We don't always stand on the other side against the government. I quite like the recent proposal by the government to help the schools get rid of the use of lunch boxes by setting up canteens and applying reusable lunch containers and cutlery. Although I could imagine that the food will be as terrible as before (or could be worse), the plan is something MUCH better than the ill founded drug test.

And although I praised Bishop John Tong Hon before for his honest comments against the drug test, I cannot support the church in their legal battle against the government regarding the school management reforms.

The church appealed in the court the constitutionality of the reforms, that requires "all schools to set up by 2012 their own incorporated management committees comprising 40 per cent elected representatives of parents, teachers and alumni, with the remaining 60 per cent appointed by sponsoring bodies." (Free to browse report from The Standard here)

The church argued that their freedom to operate and manage their 205 schools will be infringed. They don't like the idea of having "outsiders" as managers.

Parents, teachers, and alumni are outsiders?

Anybody who had working experience at the management level of an organisation knows that diversity is one of the keys of good governance, though I believe some of our Villagers who're well trained totalitarians may think otherwise. There is no point to have a board or a management committee that has only one voice. And I don't understand why the church is so reluctant about introducing a more transparent and accountable management system to their schools. Funny accounts?

After all, they will still have 60% of the vote in those committees. It seems to me the church simply wants its kingdom untouched. Maybe they are still reminiscing their good old days of monasticism.

I will say a prayer to their god tonight and ask him to let the government win this time.

17 November 2009

Donald wrote to us, we write back

Our Honourable Chief Executive Donald Tsang wrote two letters to our students and parents yesterday, so we wrote back.

Dear Mr Tsang,

Thank you for your letter! I'm so flattered and surprised by your love and care for us!

Yes, you definitely know a lot about teenagers in Hong Kong. We do face many difficult challenges; to make it worse, people told us that our hard works will lead us nowhere. What "rewarding life" are you talking about, Mr Tsang? They told us that we will end up being one in a million university graduates who will have heavy tuition debts to pay, work a crappy low-paid job, and pay a rocket high rent or risk our life-long finance by taking out a life-long mortgage for home. Mind you it's after years of rote-learn-and-no-play studies!

I understand that you want to fight this battle together with us. But a drug test? As far as I understand, it will not only cause me "minor inconvenience". You have long forgotten what it feels like as a student when the school does things like schoolbag search. It's freaking us out, Mr Tsang! You know kids...even if we did nothing wrong, it's still going to freak us out! I don't really want to go to school and face such kind of white terror everyday! And what about false positives? They told us that there'll be another test if I got a positive result. But it's embarrassing enough already! Once kids labelled another kid as something, nothing's going to change that for years, not even a confirmation test to falsify the original test result! You sure you understand kids' behaviour?

And those who do drugs seldom come back to school. In the end of the day, you will have cultivated a white terror in the campus, while those bad kids will still be doing drugs. I am a good kid and I read newspaper everyday. SCMP reported yesterday that, it's better to help those bad kids out there at night, instead of turning the school into a white terror factory.

If you insist on making us unhappy, we have no choice but learn the survival tips from these bad guys who called themselves "libertines".

Yours sincerely,



Dear Donald,

I'm glad that you mentioned the importance of family in your letter.

Don't make it sounded like I know nothing about my children. I have good communications with my kids and I know what is going on with them. There're signs when a kid does drugs. Only those parents who don't care and don't see their kids for more than an hour per day can possibly ignore those signs. So stop threatening me.

You also admitted that the kid you mentioned did drug because he felt insufficient care from his parents. It's typical for some of the well-off families in Hong Kong. Parents work day and night and spend very little time with their kids. Maybe the bosses and tycoons are to blame? What're you going to do about that? A voluntary work hour audit for all offices? Maybe a pilot scheme in the finance and accounting sector, where the problem of long work hour is most serious there?

It is incumbent upon us, as parents, to decide what's the best way for us to communicate with our children. We don't need the government's intervention on our private family lives. You better mind your business of curbing the illegal drug supply, while we mind our own business. We will seek help actively from social workers and teachers if we find it difficult to handle the communications with our children. Stop shoving this "communication platform" with our children called drug test down our throats. And stop copying Singapore, I am sure you had a happy trip there just now; we're not going to have a totalitarian democracy in Hong Kong (when we've yet to have a democracy), we said no to caning a long while ago, Donald!

Yours sincerely,


16 November 2009

New Poll!

Let us know what would you do if you're given a drug test consent form!

Poll at the right hand side bar...just in case!

13 November 2009

The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

I told you before that I started this blog out of two inspirations: the bullshit from my redneck colleagues and the rise of religious right in Hong Kong. The Society for Truth and Light has been the most annoying but hilarious religious right group in Hong Kong (For those of you who are illiterate and can't read the Wiki link above, here's a video clip of the Pearl Report about the Society; part 2 here and part 3 here). I have subscribed to their weekly email updates for a few weeks now, and had a hell of good laugh every Thursday reading their e-news (you can get them here). I then think that it might be interesting to rant a bit about their bullshits here.

So, I give you: The Libertines Pub Weekly Truth and Light Watch

Our moral Taliban, the General Secretary of the Society Choi Chi-sum, does a weekly video commentary on their website. This week, this d-bag talked about his favourite issue: homosexuality.

The moral terrorist has his funny way of thinking about things. He claimed that homosexual right supporters unjustly "labelled" those who oppose homosexuality as discriminatory homophobes. I found it fucking difficult to understand what does that mean, so I consulted the Wikipedia. They think that homophobes like them are discriminated for their discrimination against homosexuals. Eyes bleeding? In plain words, if you accuse the homophobes for their hate towards the gay and lesbian, you are actually discriminating them.

That d-bag argued that because homosexuality is still controversial, homophobes still have the right to discriminate against the homosexuals...I'm sure some people could still manage to find homosexuality controversial, like my hypocritical redneck colleagues here. But I find it pretty insane and courageous for anybody to openly claim that gay is wrong nowadays.

If Choi wants to claim that homosexuality is wrong, he ought to give us a justification. He avoids saying that directly, because he doesn't have a good reason. If he does, his last resort will be a line or two out of the bible. Eric wrote to his god earlier and asked if gay is really wrong, but god must be too busy these days for a reply.

So Choi's ultimate resort in that video was the following argument: by educating our people the right, non-discriminatory, and fair view towards homosexuality, such sexual orientation will be promoted and popularised. And it's not right to make more people gay. OMFG! You can see that this d-bag is a real Christian in his blood. He thinks precisely in a Christian way! To him, everything in the world works through preaching. The more you preach about homosexuality to somebody, the more likely you will make him gay and her a lesbian. Gay people, don't talk to me!

If the world really works in such a crazy way as fantasised by Choi, then Christianity fails gravely after all these years of preaching...

So that's it for this week. May the Truth and Light be with you!

11 November 2009

Dog him, dog her, dog them, but no us! Or we're giving you a dog's life

What do you do when somebody cuts your bus queue on your way to work in the morning?

Libertines here tell them to "fucking go to hell!"

So when our Honourable LSD Legco member "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung called the pro-establishment Wen Wei Po reporter a "dog", I consider that lightweight. The English newspapers in Hong Kong are also never as truthful as Apple Daily. The reporter who provoked Long Hair into the dogfight is female. In order to be truthful and precise, the curse term should be translated as "bitch".

It's the libertine's way of handling things.

If you hate Long Hair, you can always call him "son of the bitch" 10 times.

But no, nobody hates Long Hair except the ass-kissing pro-establishment people and journalists and they're all dogs. Those pro-democracy political louts enthusiasts are now even organising a complaint against that bitch. On what ground? That bitch didn't do her job as a journalist! She didn't check if Long Hair's LSD bro The Honourable Albert Chan Wai-yip had really stolen from donations. She should have made sure about the facts before asking, or provoking, Long Hair with that allegation.

If you ask our politician wannabe, the hypocrite who got on the pan-democracy bandwagon, Charles Mok, about that, he will probably assure you that Albert Chan NEVER does anything wrong (by the way, Charles, congratulations! You are the first one made it to our Twitter hypocrites list!).

So it's the same old "pan-democrats are always right" shit love. Whoever dare challenge the Holiness of our pan-democrats are dogs!

I am not interested in the facts. I don't give a damn if Albert Chan did steal; people from the pro-establishment to pan-democracy camps are all good at doing funny things one way or the other. Neither do I give a damn if that bitch intentionally provoked Long Hair. I think the only professional newspaper in Hong Kong is Apple Daily, anyway. What interested me was Long Hair's practice of the eye for an eye morality. That's just so...libertine!

Let us dog you all, bitches!

10 November 2009

May the victim rest in peace, and the asses burned in hell

We started this week with a tragic piece of news on Monday morning, the Libertines Pub sincerely hope that the victim of the bus accident in TKO will rest in peace and the injured will recover soon.

I'm sure most of us care about the victims and would like to know what's happened. But I doubt if anyone would like to see those photos at the headline of Apple Daily on Monday. The page was loaded with vivid but gross pictures of the victims, including a really close-up shot of the dying young woman. They would argue that those are the "truth" their journalism brought. Anyone who prefers that kind of photo reporting and that kind of "truth" is pretty fucked-up in head and needs some help. Or they might want to join this pervert page as a fan in Facebook. You can see from the page that they're so proud of their photo-journalism. Jimmy Lai should give the reporters who worked on that piece of news a 13% pay rise next year.

The government has been listening regarding drug test? To whom?

Some 100 students marched to the government office last Sunday protesting against the drug test. They're joined and supported by doctors and pharmacists. Our experienced new Undersecretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok bored us another standard, bureaucratic, official reply, claiming that "the government had maintained close communication with the education sector". I have not heard much strong support from the education sector, while I heard lots of comments against the test scheme.

I told you that our government loves us so much. This might be another "proof that love's not only blind but deaf". And if they're listening, how could they possibly ignore the views of the medical profession? Be honest, the whole scheme is groundless and authoritative. It might be easier for our Villagers if the government would admit that.

Anyone still remember our Political Assistants?

The nine Political Assistants who screwed us for paying them HK$100,000+ per month and disappeared will be listed as the Libertine Pub's missing people. What the hell have they been doing all these months?

This pretty weird-looking hot Katherine Ng should show up more. Drug test might become a good stuff if she was the one selling that to us.


David Webb brought us this report about the recent monumental achievement of our financial black hole: Cyberport. Even New Zealand has to beg us to share our know-how on "how Hong Kong's Government intervened in the commercial, retail and residential property markets by creating this project, awarded without tender to the son of Hong Kong's richest person".

If Lion Rock Institute would be half as serious as Mr Webb on research, instead of writing a few lame Op-Eds once in while, I would have given my wholehearted support to this free market think tank.

06 November 2009

New Poll!

Let us know if you are aware of the sex offender register issue and we will see if a rant is needed!

Poll at the right hand side bar...just in case!

03 November 2009

Let our children play, would you?

I am back, fellas!

As I told you in my guest post at the Dark Side, I am not at all unhappy about the policy address by Donald Tsang recently, and what I want to say about him has been spoken there. So, this post is not going to be about our CE.

Instead, I want to talk about our poor children here.

Our fellas at the Dark Side told us that some of our kids are being spied by hired private investigators.

I pleaded with parents in Hong Kong not to deprive our kids of their basic human rights, but they just don't get it. So we might need to develop a survival kit for parent spying soon, following our popular drug test survival tips.

And it never occurs to our "adults" that children have no less human rights and individual freedom than adults. They simply abuse children's rights in the name of parenting. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which applies to Hong Kong and entails a reporting requirement, stipulated in Article 16 that:

No child shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his or her privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his or her honour and reputation.

Whether spying your kids by hiring private investigators is an arbitrary interference with your kids' privacy might be arguable to some. I categorically call that a breach of privacy. It's not that hard to understand, come on! Just imagine that you're spied, you will know. Don't be a jerk, adults!

That's why I support Reidar Hjermann's advocacy in SCMP last month for the setting up of an Ombudsman for Children in Hong Kong. Sadly, nobody seems to care. The government led Children's Right Forum ignored that. I hope the Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights will soon do something about it.

The Right to Play

While looking at the UN Convention, I found this interesting Article 31:

States Parties recognize the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.

Do you think our children have enough leisure and play here? I think not.

To get into a "good" primary school, our kindergarten kids are required to learn multiple musical instruments, to play different sports, to speak and write English, Cantonese, and Mandarin fluently. That means, 3-4 hours of lectures in the Kindergarten to make sure your kids can write proper sentences in English, and for them to memorise the spelling of 100+ English vocabularies. They're also made to rote learn reciting 10-20 Tang poems. After the hell of lectures, they're forced to attend different "hobby" courses, piano, violin, ballet, you name it. In the evening, our poor little kids under six will also have assignments to do...

It is a good thing to develop different talents of our children. But our Village is so skillful in turning good intention into shite. They turned these different trainings and development activities into school admission assessments.

Don't just say that parents don't have a choice because the schools set all the assessment standards. Just don't follow the herd and go after those branded schools. You know where those cream of the cream students go after school? They still need to go to see Ken Sir!

When I was a kid, I was a brat fooling around and had learned nothing much before I got into secondary school. I ended up doing badly in public exams, earned two bad degrees and became a libertine talking to you now. This is the risk of giving your children freedom and respecting their human rights.

But if you raise your kids by surveillance and totalitarian means, you might be able to raise a future CE of HKSAR, the leader position that requires ass-kissing technique loyalty and obedience.

Parents, you have a choice.