20 October 2009

Urgent: we will have a 13% pay rise next year!

As we're so high-tech here, we read news online. I almost spat my coffee all over the monitor when I read this news from Apple Daily Online:

They said we're going to have an average salary increment of 13% next year.

How could one of the best selling Chinese newspapers in our Village made such a mistake, I don't know. Maybe Jimmy Lai is suggesting that percentage of salary increment for the staff of his media empire there. Next Media Trade Union, did you take the hint?

Let's check when they will finally right it here. Knowing that Jimmy is a liberal, applying minimal interference, on his mismanagement of the paper, I bet you never.

High-tech Village Consent Form

Our government briefed the Tai Po teachers and principals yesterday on the "voluntary" drug test in school.

They will give the student ONE consent form for both the parent and the student to sign. On that form, you will get one check box indicating your consent and two places for signature.

The scenario goes like this. Your teacher asks you to bring home that form. You go home and talk to your parents. Your parents say, "let's do the test!" They check the "consent box" and sign it. What do you do now?

The smart way would be saying: "Ok mom, I'm gonna sign it after dinner!" Then slip the bloody form into your schoolbag and forget about the entire shit. The next day, you go back to school, hand in the form. If your teacher has the nerve to ask, tell him/her to fuck him/herself and that you're not going to give your consent.

But I know most parents will force plead with you to sign it. That's the "parent-student communication" the government told us about.

Your best bet: do your drug test survival tips revision here.

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