12 October 2009

The Libertines Pub $64,000 question, an update on our friend Erica Yuen, and the vice of our local democrats

After the last entry came out, we saw a surge in the number of visitors, thanks to the Facebook links and Retweets by some of our friends. Many of the readers tweeted to express their opinions on the incident, which we appreciated, including this tweet:

I could tell within one minute after reading this tweet that the tweeter does cultural studies. I tweeted to ask, and it turned out that this tweeter is a master student of cultural studies, and Siu Leung Li is the tweeter's tutor.

I read this tweet in a Sunday morning at 8am, when I crawled out of bed for a full day of sport for no reason. The "opening the box of erotics" and "Chrissie's identity" would be a bit puzzling for anyone undergoing such a situation. I spent the whole day thinking about the meaning of this tweet, but obviously failed. This tweeter also told us that as he/she is a student of Siu Leung Li, he/she understands well the meaning of those questions Li asked Chrissie. We at the Pub are all humble people. So I tweeted and asked the tweeter to give us a guest post here to start a discussion. So far that tweeter has not come back. So my friend, if you will read this, we want you here in the Pub!

Other than that tweeter, if anyone of you can enlighten us on the meaning of the question:

Do you have this strong desire to expound and make sense of your complicated self?

The Libertines Pub of course doesn't have $64,000 to give you. However, if you can help us understand the meaning of the above question, you'll get a cold pint of beer on the house and a chance to meet our contributors, just like our Chinese name and tagline Competition.

The Pub's favourite friend: Erica Yuen

Erica has always been the best friend of the Libertines Pub. For our admiration for her intelligence, we posted our questions to her at her blog. Erica refused to publish our enquiry. She thought that we're not sincere in our seeking of her advice and that we're only there to advertise our blog.

In order to show that we're big fans of Erica, I decided we should give her a bit of advertisement here. We have an international readership, our linking of her here would certainly be helpful to her career out there. So I googled pictures under her name, in order to find the best shot of our future international star. It turned out that I found a hard time getting one without a good show of her...well...you go check it out yourself here (maybe not safe to open at office or when parents are around). A really interesting one is this. We now understand that Erica never did sell her body (as a whole), but only part it.

Hong Kong democracy and democrats who speak for us (or...for them?)

I pointed out here many times that we're going after a very peculiar type of democracy in Hong Kong. Although I had no pleasure while reading Lau Nai-keung's article as the author of this SCMP letter did, I am glad to have read her letter.

We trust that we need democracy in Hong Kong and maybe in mainland China. I personally cannot agree with Elsie that it should take a very long time to bring democracy here, and that democracy is "the cause of our economic crisis". What this letter pointed out, which is great, was that our democrats behave like dictators.

I promised you a "Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor" entry on the local democrats. Half of that was done here. Stay tuned for a full entry on that!

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