07 October 2009

Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor Special Edition: Kam Nai-wai

It's getting too difficult for me to ignore the Kam Nai-wai incident here, especially after seeing the photo of his former assistant this morning. It killed all my fantasy and forced me to treat the incident seriously.

It is by now clear that Kam lied. He held a press conference this Sunday, accompanied by his wife, to tell us that he did not sexually harass his assistant. He only sacked her impetuously. Tonight, Kam told us in a radio programme that he did indeed "express interest" to his assistant.

So now it is known that he did "express interest" (=making advance; unless you could accept trivial distinctions like the famous Bill Clinton bullshit) to his assistant, and then he impetuously sacked her. If a causal relationship can be established between Kam's advance and the sacking of the assistant, it means Kam has sexually harassed his assistant. Then he's doomed, as simple as that.

I think it's very unlikely that the causality mentioned above cannot be established by an investigation. The Democratic Party cannot possibly hold an internal investigation to avoid that by now. So, bye bye, our Honourable Legislative Councillor! It's a pity that the Libertines Pub could not have devoted an "Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor" entry to you before you have your "Honourable" taken away!

Actually, above are bullshits that everybody knows. I only wanted to have the following pushed down a few paragraphs, so that those fuckers who only judge our book by its cover will be screwed! Let's see who will tweet or forward this entry out without reading up to this point!

Some pan-democracy camp supporters started to follow us after reading our entries against the government, the CCTVB, and the DAB MILF Starry Lee. They naively believe that we will side with them. They even tweeted our entries out to boost our readership. Some talked to us about cooperation, too.

It's interesting to see how they have missed what we're going after. I told you many times here that the bashing of moral myths and the liberation of your thinking are the Pub's sole objectives. We endorse no political parties in Hong Kong and support none of their ideologies. The first "Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor" entry was actually written against the supernova of the pan-democracy camp, the Honourable Tanya Chan.

But the local political activists work in that way. Either they're lazy and stupid to have not understood our stance, or they simply don't care. Our provocative, sometimes reckless, views on things just suit the grand mythology they're working on. They just pick whatever that is useful to them from us to amplify their voice. It's the same thing when they ask you to join them in the streets every June 4 and July 1. They care not about you, they just want you to be there to consolidate their agenda.

The Libertines Pub are professional cynics who never gives in to these manipulations. That's why we had this entry to shit right on their faces when we think something is wrong.

Having those fuckers to follow us in Twitter could be interesting. We found that those tweeters who tweet about basically every pee they take said nothing about the Kam Nai-wai incident. That is hypocrisy, the genuine immorality that we condemn. We asked why, but none of them dare reply. Go and check out here who tweeted about everything from the smell of their dogs' shits to the flavour of their toothpaste but not a word about the Kam incident.


  1. Interesting article! Democracy is great, but is not the answer to all our ills. This mindset is very dangerous, just like when people viewed Communism as the answer to all problems. Look what happened!!! What we really need is people with an open mind who are able to see the real cause and act accordingly. Sadly we seem to lack these people.

  2. Daveed you see, it's precisely the excuse some of the pro-establishment people gave us, that HK people are not mature enough to have democracy...

    When it comes down to fanatics and hypocrits like those...you could easily start to be convinced of the excuse...


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