08 October 2009

David Webb on how the government "will try to make steam go back into a kettle" and a few updates on the Pub

I want to start this post off by thanking David Webb for his good work. Mr Webb's Webb-site.com was actually one of the inspirations for this blog. He pointed out that the government made the information regarding the post-service employment of civil servants difficult to access. Moreover, some information has been unreasonably "unpublished". Webb-site.com has built their own register of Post-service Employment of senior Civil Servants, and will be updating the list by demanding the information from the Civil Service Bureau on a monthly basis. Another good way to get the EOs to do a bit of works for the fat salary we paid them!

Mr Webb has recently written an article on the buzzword Corporate Social Responsibility. How I wish directors of corporates and public organisations in Hong Kong will read this. Having worked in different local NGOs and listed companies (yes, I have a full-time job...), I always wondered why the managements could give away the shareholders' money heedlessly. I have no problem with philanthropy, and I think it makes perfect sense to help the needed. But we need to do it wisely. Like I will never pay to visit the Noah's Ark that is built on a public land without approval from the Legco.

How to make the world better wisely

Slate Magazine runs a cool section on how we could help the needed wisely. This particular article is about the best ways to help after a natural disaster abroad, like the recent tsunami in Samoa, earthquake in Sumatra, mud slides in Italy, and flooding in Manila. Though we're libertines, we care. But we don't rush out and give away our money without thinking.

We want to know you better!

At the sidebar on your right, you will find the Libertines Pub Poll section. We're now asking you if Kam Nai-wai should resign. We take this very seriously and will really try to make your voices heard! Move your cursor there and vote now! If you don't find an option that you like, let us know and we will add what you like!

We also added badges linked to our Twitter, Facebook page, and our RSS feed. Join us and get all the blog post updates and interesting links we found online!

We're on the Dark Side...

Some of you might have noticed that we now contribute guest posts at the Dark Side; some of you might even have known us through our first guest post there. We're flattered to have a chance to collaborate with these cool people there. So stay tuned to both sites!

Leave him alone for a while

Lastly, I beg you reporters and other people to get off the bandwagon and leave Prof Charles Kao alone for a while. When I learned that all those phone calls made him so exhausted, I couldn't help but think who cared about him all these years? Very few did I can assure you. It's extra annoying when I read some tweets of somebody bragging about having been working with Kao before, just to show off that he was once among the giants. That's scummy actually, IMHO.

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