29 October 2009

We're not dead (yet)!

For those of you who like us, rest assured that we're not dead yet.

Although we're libertines, we (sad but true) need to make a living.

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Hong Kong Blogs Review recommended our site! We think that what they said are all very true, we'd like to thank them for the review.

And sorry, Milfo. No post at TDS this week. Don't kick my ass.

See you all around soon!

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20 October 2009

Urgent: we will have a 13% pay rise next year!

As we're so high-tech here, we read news online. I almost spat my coffee all over the monitor when I read this news from Apple Daily Online:

They said we're going to have an average salary increment of 13% next year.

How could one of the best selling Chinese newspapers in our Village made such a mistake, I don't know. Maybe Jimmy Lai is suggesting that percentage of salary increment for the staff of his media empire there. Next Media Trade Union, did you take the hint?

Let's check when they will finally right it here. Knowing that Jimmy is a liberal, applying minimal interference, on his mismanagement of the paper, I bet you never.

High-tech Village Consent Form

Our government briefed the Tai Po teachers and principals yesterday on the "voluntary" drug test in school.

They will give the student ONE consent form for both the parent and the student to sign. On that form, you will get one check box indicating your consent and two places for signature.

The scenario goes like this. Your teacher asks you to bring home that form. You go home and talk to your parents. Your parents say, "let's do the test!" They check the "consent box" and sign it. What do you do now?

The smart way would be saying: "Ok mom, I'm gonna sign it after dinner!" Then slip the bloody form into your schoolbag and forget about the entire shit. The next day, you go back to school, hand in the form. If your teacher has the nerve to ask, tell him/her to fuck him/herself and that you're not going to give your consent.

But I know most parents will force plead with you to sign it. That's the "parent-student communication" the government told us about.

Your best bet: do your drug test survival tips revision here.

19 October 2009

The Libertines Pub's list of missing people and other matters in our High-tech Village

I want to start off this post by giving you a list of missing people. We took almost a week off from here and I am sure you've missed us. The Pub misses some people, too.

  1. We are still waiting for a reply from that Lingnan University cultural studies master student for the guest post on the Pub's $64,000 question.
  2. Somebody from the Youth Union wrote a personal message to me in Facebook and asked the Pub to collaborate with them against drug test in schools. They came up with this campaign where everyone writes an article on the issue, and they will have them sent for publication. We have this sick lust for fame and the chance might be the only one ever for us to get published. We naturally said yes. After a few rounds of messages, we played professional and asked for the editorial details, and what their media pitching plan was. Since then, that guy never came back again. The deadline for article submission has long pasted, and I wondered what has happened. There're 50 guests confirmed, and there should have been at least five articles in the papers, but where?
  3. Somebody from Lion Rock Institute also contacted us sometime ago. They're a very famous and important think tank in Hong Kong advocating economic and market freedom. That staff member of Lion Rock asked us to cover some of their views; and that they will give us some materials to write on. We waited for weeks, but that Lion Rock staff vanished entirely.
Of course, we from the Libertines Pub are nobody. And it's up to the three missing people above to decide if they want to work with us or not. But it's funny how these social activists could suddenly think up an idea to work with somebody and then drop, or forget about, it after a while. Issues change in this High-tech Village and they have to change their minds quick enough; it's only the Pub who acted too slowly to catch up with them.

Anyway, we're looking for these people, write me if you have a clue.

Will the real Lion please stand up

I am against minimum wage. The reasons are very simple and straightforward:
  1. I do not fall into the category of people who will be benefit from or protected by such a legislation;
  2. Having our bosses to pay more means earning less for them. That at the same time means less year-end bonus for us.
I will become an old hack one day and be in need of a minimum wage protection, but screw it for now, I can always go after that later. Now I can only think of the sharing of my bosses' profit by bonus and hope that they earn as much as possible. Why I should allow those with lower skills and fewer responsibilities to take my share at the end of the year because of the minimum wage law? That sounded socialist to me.

Some might argue that bosses are always asses, they could share no shit with you at year-end. That's ok, I could always say "fuck it" and leave for a better place and they will learn.

Above are the honest reasons. Free market advocates in Hong Kong like Lion Rock can never admit those boldly. They argued that the minimum wage will only harm those people with lower skills by forcing them out of the job market. Wong Yuk Man said it right here, they're only hypocritical. Admit it, we who are against minimum wage speak for our own benefit. When you're working in McDonald's for $15 an hour, you cannot really buy that a minimum wage law will harm you.

And I am hoping that there will be some serious researches by our important free market think tank apart from a few Op-Ed articles. There're a list of questions to be answered for the minimum wage issue alone if you want to argue. It's pretty amazing that people and corporations would still fund Lion Rock with no substantial research output. I asked that Lion Rock staff in person implicitly on why they got funding without works. She gave me an very intelligent answer. She said people in the western countries would give away money to think tanks just like giving away money to charities. Since then, I started thinking about rebranding ourselves as a think tank.

Do we need better moral or etiquette?

The Hong Kong Youth Association said in SCMP today that we thought "morals are eroded by public figures". I told you (did I?) Hong Kong people just love the drama; only 27% of them think that "a star's contract should be terminated" if they do some shits. They want them to stay for the drama!

I agree that we need better public figures, but let's start with the basic etiquette. Ask our stars to show us how to move our asses inside the train compartment first.

I learned to check the background of the organisation working on a public opinion research, so did I. I had a hard time finding the youth in the Hong Kong Youth Association. And now I understand why...

High-tech Village

So we mentioned this word in the title without explanation. Our readers are so smart, you must know it's referring to Hong Kong. Eric came up with this term that sounded very "cultural studies". So we decided that we'll be using it in the Pub from now on.

So long, village people!

12 October 2009

The Libertines Pub $64,000 question, an update on our friend Erica Yuen, and the vice of our local democrats

After the last entry came out, we saw a surge in the number of visitors, thanks to the Facebook links and Retweets by some of our friends. Many of the readers tweeted to express their opinions on the incident, which we appreciated, including this tweet:

I could tell within one minute after reading this tweet that the tweeter does cultural studies. I tweeted to ask, and it turned out that this tweeter is a master student of cultural studies, and Siu Leung Li is the tweeter's tutor.

I read this tweet in a Sunday morning at 8am, when I crawled out of bed for a full day of sport for no reason. The "opening the box of erotics" and "Chrissie's identity" would be a bit puzzling for anyone undergoing such a situation. I spent the whole day thinking about the meaning of this tweet, but obviously failed. This tweeter also told us that as he/she is a student of Siu Leung Li, he/she understands well the meaning of those questions Li asked Chrissie. We at the Pub are all humble people. So I tweeted and asked the tweeter to give us a guest post here to start a discussion. So far that tweeter has not come back. So my friend, if you will read this, we want you here in the Pub!

Other than that tweeter, if anyone of you can enlighten us on the meaning of the question:

Do you have this strong desire to expound and make sense of your complicated self?

The Libertines Pub of course doesn't have $64,000 to give you. However, if you can help us understand the meaning of the above question, you'll get a cold pint of beer on the house and a chance to meet our contributors, just like our Chinese name and tagline Competition.

The Pub's favourite friend: Erica Yuen

Erica has always been the best friend of the Libertines Pub. For our admiration for her intelligence, we posted our questions to her at her blog. Erica refused to publish our enquiry. She thought that we're not sincere in our seeking of her advice and that we're only there to advertise our blog.

In order to show that we're big fans of Erica, I decided we should give her a bit of advertisement here. We have an international readership, our linking of her here would certainly be helpful to her career out there. So I googled pictures under her name, in order to find the best shot of our future international star. It turned out that I found a hard time getting one without a good show of her...well...you go check it out yourself here (maybe not safe to open at office or when parents are around). A really interesting one is this. We now understand that Erica never did sell her body (as a whole), but only part it.

Hong Kong democracy and democrats who speak for us (or...for them?)

I pointed out here many times that we're going after a very peculiar type of democracy in Hong Kong. Although I had no pleasure while reading Lau Nai-keung's article as the author of this SCMP letter did, I am glad to have read her letter.

We trust that we need democracy in Hong Kong and maybe in mainland China. I personally cannot agree with Elsie that it should take a very long time to bring democracy here, and that democracy is "the cause of our economic crisis". What this letter pointed out, which is great, was that our democrats behave like dictators.

I promised you a "Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor" entry on the local democrats. Half of that was done here. Stay tuned for a full entry on that!

10 October 2009

Who's embarrassed? Chrissie Chau or Siu Leung Li?

Everybody said Chrissie Chau's presence in the HKUST seminar was only going to embarrass the academia, including the friend of the Pub, our never-has-sold-her-body former Miss Hong Kong pageant Erica Yuen.

Hong Kong people sometimes fantasise too much about the universities. It's especially problematic when it comes down to disciplines like cultural studies. Having hung around one of the best worst local universities for a while, and unfortunately had valuable chances to have fruitful exchanges with colleagues from the cultural studies department, I grew to feel guilty about getting grants and subsidies for doing researches that 80% of people in the world don't understand, while the other 20% pretended that they do. So I left.

Most of the newspapers portrayed Chrissie as a dumb having no proper education to handle the simple questions by the Lingnam University cultural studies lecturer. I trust that all of our readers are well educated. Watch this video clip from Apple Daily. You sure you can understand and answer those nonsensical questions?

I am not going to translate all of the questions by Siu Leung Li yet. If you read Chinese, check out the full dialogue here. The two questions shown in the video are interesting enough for my rant here.

The first question (0:25): Do you think that teenagers seek to enjoy these emotionally intensive experiences? What is emotionally intensive experience? Like driving a fast car, he said. Do you enjoy that? Some do, some don't. What would you say if you were Chrissie Chau? Boldly speak on behalf of all the young people? I would have said "I dunno" too if he came to me with such a question.

The second question (0:39): Do you have this strong desire to "expound and make sense of (疏理)" your complicated self?

I came across the word "疏理" in the university the first time in my life. If you speak Chinese, there's still a great chance that you won't understand what that word means. My thesis supervisor would ask me to "expound and make sense of (疏理)" the arguments suggested in past researches for a certain theory, before I should go on with my own. The word itself is a highly technical jargon used by academics, but never a word you use everyday. And what does it mean by the strong desire to expound and make sense of one's complicated self? Do you have that desire in you, our intelligent readers?

That's what the academics do in universities? To play with jargon which nobody understands? Yes, they do, I can assure you.

It's ok, I don't understand those. Of course I won't, or else that's not academic! I know that Einstein's thought experiments brought us nuclear power and...bomb. What did cultural studies bring to humanity?

The Sokal affair.

So Erica, you graduated from a US university, you must know very well how to answer those questions by Siu Leung Li. At least I know that you should have a strong desire to make sense of your complicated self, the tension between the self who condemns Chrissie Chau and the other self who sold your body. I am not an academic, I only know one simple word for that: HYPOCRISY.

08 October 2009

David Webb on how the government "will try to make steam go back into a kettle" and a few updates on the Pub

I want to start this post off by thanking David Webb for his good work. Mr Webb's Webb-site.com was actually one of the inspirations for this blog. He pointed out that the government made the information regarding the post-service employment of civil servants difficult to access. Moreover, some information has been unreasonably "unpublished". Webb-site.com has built their own register of Post-service Employment of senior Civil Servants, and will be updating the list by demanding the information from the Civil Service Bureau on a monthly basis. Another good way to get the EOs to do a bit of works for the fat salary we paid them!

Mr Webb has recently written an article on the buzzword Corporate Social Responsibility. How I wish directors of corporates and public organisations in Hong Kong will read this. Having worked in different local NGOs and listed companies (yes, I have a full-time job...), I always wondered why the managements could give away the shareholders' money heedlessly. I have no problem with philanthropy, and I think it makes perfect sense to help the needed. But we need to do it wisely. Like I will never pay to visit the Noah's Ark that is built on a public land without approval from the Legco.

How to make the world better wisely

Slate Magazine runs a cool section on how we could help the needed wisely. This particular article is about the best ways to help after a natural disaster abroad, like the recent tsunami in Samoa, earthquake in Sumatra, mud slides in Italy, and flooding in Manila. Though we're libertines, we care. But we don't rush out and give away our money without thinking.

We want to know you better!

At the sidebar on your right, you will find the Libertines Pub Poll section. We're now asking you if Kam Nai-wai should resign. We take this very seriously and will really try to make your voices heard! Move your cursor there and vote now! If you don't find an option that you like, let us know and we will add what you like!

We also added badges linked to our Twitter, Facebook page, and our RSS feed. Join us and get all the blog post updates and interesting links we found online!

We're on the Dark Side...

Some of you might have noticed that we now contribute guest posts at the Dark Side; some of you might even have known us through our first guest post there. We're flattered to have a chance to collaborate with these cool people there. So stay tuned to both sites!

Leave him alone for a while

Lastly, I beg you reporters and other people to get off the bandwagon and leave Prof Charles Kao alone for a while. When I learned that all those phone calls made him so exhausted, I couldn't help but think who cared about him all these years? Very few did I can assure you. It's extra annoying when I read some tweets of somebody bragging about having been working with Kao before, just to show off that he was once among the giants. That's scummy actually, IMHO.

07 October 2009

Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor Special Edition: Kam Nai-wai

It's getting too difficult for me to ignore the Kam Nai-wai incident here, especially after seeing the photo of his former assistant this morning. It killed all my fantasy and forced me to treat the incident seriously.

It is by now clear that Kam lied. He held a press conference this Sunday, accompanied by his wife, to tell us that he did not sexually harass his assistant. He only sacked her impetuously. Tonight, Kam told us in a radio programme that he did indeed "express interest" to his assistant.

So now it is known that he did "express interest" (=making advance; unless you could accept trivial distinctions like the famous Bill Clinton bullshit) to his assistant, and then he impetuously sacked her. If a causal relationship can be established between Kam's advance and the sacking of the assistant, it means Kam has sexually harassed his assistant. Then he's doomed, as simple as that.

I think it's very unlikely that the causality mentioned above cannot be established by an investigation. The Democratic Party cannot possibly hold an internal investigation to avoid that by now. So, bye bye, our Honourable Legislative Councillor! It's a pity that the Libertines Pub could not have devoted an "Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor" entry to you before you have your "Honourable" taken away!

Actually, above are bullshits that everybody knows. I only wanted to have the following pushed down a few paragraphs, so that those fuckers who only judge our book by its cover will be screwed! Let's see who will tweet or forward this entry out without reading up to this point!

Some pan-democracy camp supporters started to follow us after reading our entries against the government, the CCTVB, and the DAB MILF Starry Lee. They naively believe that we will side with them. They even tweeted our entries out to boost our readership. Some talked to us about cooperation, too.

It's interesting to see how they have missed what we're going after. I told you many times here that the bashing of moral myths and the liberation of your thinking are the Pub's sole objectives. We endorse no political parties in Hong Kong and support none of their ideologies. The first "Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor" entry was actually written against the supernova of the pan-democracy camp, the Honourable Tanya Chan.

But the local political activists work in that way. Either they're lazy and stupid to have not understood our stance, or they simply don't care. Our provocative, sometimes reckless, views on things just suit the grand mythology they're working on. They just pick whatever that is useful to them from us to amplify their voice. It's the same thing when they ask you to join them in the streets every June 4 and July 1. They care not about you, they just want you to be there to consolidate their agenda.

The Libertines Pub are professional cynics who never gives in to these manipulations. That's why we had this entry to shit right on their faces when we think something is wrong.

Having those fuckers to follow us in Twitter could be interesting. We found that those tweeters who tweet about basically every pee they take said nothing about the Kam Nai-wai incident. That is hypocrisy, the genuine immorality that we condemn. We asked why, but none of them dare reply. Go and check out here who tweeted about everything from the smell of their dogs' shits to the flavour of their toothpaste but not a word about the Kam incident.