29 September 2009

What the fuck did you expect from rockers? You frowned at us when we said "fuck"!

I came into music just because I wanted the bread. It's true. I looked around and this seemed like the only way I was going to get the kind of bread I wanted.

~ Mick Jagger

I don't need to stress again that I am a libertine, taking one of the most anti-establishment stances possible, maybe second only to the anarchists. While seizing every opportunity to ridicule the establishment here, I am equally sceptical of the local activists and commentators who sided with the pro-democracy camp. Most of them are only good at one vice. They always force responsibility upon others and tell us some fairy tales from the moral high ground. They claim loudly: "you should have done what we expected from you, but you didn't...shame on you..." Others with whatever hidden agenda happily join the crusade to get their share of blood. Maybe I will in the next "Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor" entry talk about the Hong Kong democrats, who screwed us for 20 years by repeatedly telling us the same political myth over and over. Until then...

The quarry this time was Danny Summer, the so called father of rock in Hong Kong.

I am not a Danny Summer fan. I can't even recall a single chorus of any of his tunes. In Hong Kong, any of those father/mother-of-something bullshits are almost always jokes. I am sure I will be the father of Hong Kong libertine movement some 20 years later.

Danny Summer played a DAB National Day celebration concert last Saturday. Some louts stormed his stage and took his microphone away to rant and rave about their hatred for the Beijing government.

The incident would not have caught my attention at all, if not for the rows from the local bloggers after. Those louts are alright, but if Danny was a real rocker, the only sensible thing for him to do would be teaching those lads a lesson of rock n' roll by smashing his guitar against their fucking heads. I would have become a Danny Summer fan if that happened. Pity that he didn't act like a real rocker.

I am a rocker. Not only that I listen to and play rock music for more than 10 years, I smoke, I drink, I regularly get wasted, and I say f-words on a minute basis. I guess I have every right to give them a piece of my mind.

The bloggers claimed that Danny Summer was sold out, that rock n' roll is about not giving in to the authority. Rockers have the responsibility to rebel.

The cooking up of myths took the same old formula. They picked whatever facts that fit their argument well and added a dash of value judgement in to give that "one should have done what WE expected" statement.

Surely, some rock music talked about politics and society. But rock music is about a lot of other things as well. Any three-year-old can easily draw up lists of different 25 best XXX rock songs.

Nobody can deny the well known motto of rock: Sex and drugs and rock and roll. Does that irritate those of you on the fucking moral high ground?

I can easily give you guys a small lecture on the sex and drugs of rock music, without quoting that famous, must-buy rock magazine.
  1. Don't tell me that you believe in John Lennon's bullshit that the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was really about Julian Lennon's drawing. Yes, Lennon had a lot to say about politics, but also about drugs;
  2. At the very same period the Rolling Stones worked on the anti-war Gimme Shelter, they wrote another classic tune Brown Sugar about sex and drugs;
  3. Black Leather of the great anti-establishment Sex Pistols was all about sadomasochism...
Hell with the lecture! Rockers skip classes.

The Libertines Pub are full of junkies. So, next time when Danny Summer plays, I should go and storm his stage, take away his microphone and shout: "Legalise cannabis! Rock on! Fuck the drug test! Danny, you're sold out for not smoking some pot back there with me..."

Why Danny Summer is responsible for anything at all?

Either those people are a bunch of hypocrites who simply wanted to deceive us into believing that rockers should be pro-democracy like them and should never play for the DAB. Actually, any single human being should side with them, or else you're a devil and should be despised of.

Or they are a bunch of idiots in their adulthood who still believe that artists and musicians are saints. Are they going to believe bullshits like the one told by Theresa Fu that she did scare the shits out of herself by swearing "Pok Kai" in the toilet, too?

Bloggers, do you want to be a hypocrite or an idiot?

Leave us rockers alone! We have no obligation to speak for anybody. We simply play music that we like, sometimes for the bread, most of the time for fun. Keep your fairy tales to yourself. At times we put the word "freedom" in our song simply because it rhymes with "condom", just as "peace" rhymes with "piss".

I still don't understand why Danny Summer is the father of rock in Hong Kong...

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