17 September 2009

A Shorter Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor: Starry Lee

I thought a serious "Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor" entry should be one that is well researched, much like our inaugural entry featuring Civic Party supernova Tanya Chan. But I can't help but write this entry after reading an incredible news clip just now, so I present to you: A Shorter Know your Honourable Legislative Councillor: Starry Lee.

Starry Lee of DAB, another LegCo supernova, recommended after a three-month study that fast food shops should add a warning message on their food trays' paper mats.

Warning about what? For those of you who don't read Chinese, DAB wanted the shops to warn us about not to put any of our food on the paper mats. That includes ketchup, dude! Because they worried that we will eat the printing ink which got stained on the food together, and that is hazardous!

They spent three bloody months visiting different western style fast food shops in Hong Kong and mainland China to come up with such an retarded intelligent and cutting edge discovery.

Now that's a LegCo councillor who considers Hong Kong people stupid cares about the welfare of our citizens!

I hope someday they will hold a press conference to tell us that it's good to pee in the shower, after verifying the claim by Madonna 15 years ago on Letterman's show that it helps to fight athlete's foot. Anybody want to write Starry on that?

I wonder what does the Big Brother think when they know that their money was spent in such a retarded brilliant research. I bet they rather like to see the money spent on snake banquets instead.

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