04 August 2009

You're not ready, but we are! One more survival tip on drug test from the Pub!

Bishop John Tong Hon did one interview to change the world! Now you know the real power (overpower) of the church!

Now everybody says that they're not ready, even the respectable chairman of the Action Committee Against Narcotics, who proposed the ridiculous travel restriction for kids to Shenzhen. Remember they told us that there would definitely be a "pilot" scheme in September for the unfortunate Tai Po kids? Tong Hon FTW!

But they're not going to kill the test yet, they postpone it to December. The Pub always cares about our junkie readers. It's not only important to get high, but it's also important to keep your ass in school (for whatever reason)! So now we give you one more survival tip on drug test.

Privacy rules!

They told us that they wouldn't force students to participate in drug tests, even if their parents had approved that. But they would follow-up to find out why the student refused that.

So if you're unluckily picked, simply refuse it.

If they ask you why later, tell them one single word that spells P.R.I.V.A.C.Y.

I am sure they will be dumbfounded. They expected students would confess or tell them about their confused lives and family problems. They pictured there would be a happy ending where teachers and social workers helped the kids to sort out all the problems and there came a new life.

Tell them it's about privacy, they won't know what to do next.

The chair of the Association for Secondary School Heads, Tai Po district, commented that they would handle students with positive drug test results just like other students with behavioural problems; so there won't be human rights or privacy issues.

I remember how they treated the students with behavioural problems when I was in school.

They have someone to send a note to the classroom. The teacher will read your name aloud and ask you to go to see the social worker immediately, or during lunch. There comes the giggles among the class.

That was the way they treated students with behavioural issues.

I am sure they know nothing about privacy. Use that to fight back, fellas! Get more ready than they are before December!

Revise the tips here as well!

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