01 August 2009

Way to go, Bishop John Tong Hon!!!

I suspect Bishop John Tong Hon reads the Libertines Pub.

He made it clear yesterday that "the Catholic Church would not support a voluntary drug-testing scheme for schoolchildren". (Again, login required from SCMP. I wondered why this news didn't make it to the A-section but a little left-hand bottom corner of page 4 of section C!!! The Standard didn't seem to have reported it at all.)

The head of the Catholics must have read this Pub entry. He is among a few of those "prominent" people in Hong Kong who realise that our kids are not idiots, though some of them could become a bit dazed and confused once in a while for the highs.

Anyway, as I told you principals are just, well, principals. Now those "managing" the local Catholic schools said that they would "consider having the school drop out of the scheme." Before the Bishop said anything, they had all rushed into nodding their obedient heads to the drug test.

Funny how obedient leaders didn't make obedient kids. They choose to sniff some ketamine instead.

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