12 August 2009

More worthwhile investment than drug test in schools

The multi-million dollars budget on drug test could be better used for educating the teachers and social workers on homosexuality.

Yesterday, SCMP reported that a survey had found "a third of openly gay students faced discrimination on campus".

I studied in a boy school, and I remember how I was discriminated by the openly gay/suspected gay schoolmates. For some reason, the gay usually scored higher marks and managed to get all the As in the HKCEE and HKALE. I could never join their study groups, maybe because I am straight. Or was it because I would have been a drag on their progress? I'm still puzzled, is it my sexuality or my academic results?

Anyway, it is not right for the gay to discriminate the straight, or vice versa. Our students should be educated on that.

But now the problem is, our teachers and social workers have no clue on how to do that. The youth group conducted the survey asked for more resources.

I agree that resources should be allocated, but we certainly need to be careful.

Make sure that the Society for Truth and Light won't get the funding from the government again.

Make sure that the education to the teachers, social workers, and students, won't become a spoon-feeding of certain rules, or worse, a "manual" on sexuality.

It's actually about liberating their minds, so that they can accept diversity and differences, and learn to respect others' choices.

It's not merely memorizing the "rule" says "homosexuality is ok", but why it is so. Teachers should be able to explain to students on how to tackle and consider the issue independently, instead of spoon-feeding the idea to them.

The Libertines Pub has been working on liberating your minds. So we're happy to accept the funding and take up the job on training our teachers and social workers. But the deal is, stop the fucking drug test and relocate the money to us, pal!

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