15 August 2009

The importance of being hypocritical

I am among the "poor guys" who ride on train everyday (yes, I belong to the generation where KCR was KCR and not MTR!). If you're also among the "poor guys", you know very well what will happen and repeat itself everyday in those rides.

Those NOT-moving-inside-the-train-compartment (NMITC) assholes make me go berserk everyday. Everytime after I squeezed through these asses, I found the open space in there makes a damn good dance floor. These NMITC asses take different forms at times. They sometimes become NMTATBB asses (NOT-moving-their-asses-to-the-back-of-the-bus), sometimes LAPALEEF asses (lean-against-the-pole-and-let-everybody-else-falls). These asses should be fined for making the mass transportation system much less mass and much more dangerous.

But I am sure the majority of these assholes mouthed off condemning Chrissie Chau, compensated dating, and supported the dopey drug test.

I unequivocally call that hypocrisy.

Although I called myself a libertine, there're certain etiquette I truly believe in. Take the public transport as an example:
  1. Move your ass inside the train compartment or to the back of the bus and let others get in;
  2. Don't lean against the pole and show that you had a long day, everybody does;
  3. Don't spread your newspaper on others' face, or breast, to show that you care about what's happening. I saw most of you spent lots time reading how Stephy Tang sucks as an author, instead of the real news;
  4. Offer your seat to pregnant women and elders who are in serious danger because the LAPALEEF asses conquered all the poles.
You know, I believe when the Judgement Day comes, failure in observing the public transport etiquette counts! No matter how firmly you openly condemned my beloved Chrissie, marks would have been deducted for your behaviour in public transport! And you do the calculation. Do you have more chance to be a hypocrite and condemn others to gain points than taking public transport and getting points deducted?

Again on my redneck colleagues

Sometimes ago, I had lunch with a bunch of my redneck colleagues. A woman started talking about how suggestive are the pictures in Chrissie Chau's photo book. I asked, "so what?" Knowing that I was trying to kick start a debate that they could never win, that woman immediately replied, "nothing!......It's...ok!"

But then they carried on to discuss with great descriptive details the tits of Chrissie and the different ways they're shown in the book. I was so ashamed for two reasons. Firstly, I claimed to be a hardcore fan of Chrissie, but I had not paid as much attention to her boobs as they did. Secondly, I claimed to be a libertine, but I feel not as comfortable as they were in discussing a woman's tits openly. My trust in etiquette fails me again.

Another seemingly highly conservative (actually hypocritical) woman colleague spent days urging a guy to bring to the office his copy of the photo book of Chrissie Chau. On the fourth day, that guy gave in. You wouldn't believe how she enjoyed reading the book. As a hardcore fan, I only read that once online; I've never touched any hardcopy of it nor jerked off over it.

So these are the Hong Kong hypocrites we live with, and have to live with, everyday.

They consider that failure in observing etiquette is only minor offense; but selling a body sexually in whatever way is ten times EVIL!

For one thing, how do you weigh evil? In what unit? Why not offering a seat to elders is a lesser evil than showing your tits to make a fame?

Moreover, as I told you earlier, if evil is measurable, you asses are damned! Though failure in etiquette might be minor, but you do that at least twice a day, mostly six days a week, at least 24 days per month, arond 300 days per year...

Busy registration day in hell after the Judgement Day! Poor immigration officers in hell...


  1. Somehow in our society (even in the UK to some extent), people care more about interfering with other people's freedom of choice, often taking "moral high ground", even if it has no effects on them. On the other hand, they forget the simple courtesies such as holding doors for others, moving in on a busy train etc that means much more.

  2. Chrissie Chau has nice tits.


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