03 August 2009

The flimsier Libertines Pub on SCMP

I decided not to give in to the Orwellians.

I wrote a letter to the editor of SCMP (like a junior secondary school kid).

It came out finally last week. It was the head letter to the editor of the day, meaning that it had a larger subject line than others and was placed in the middle of the section.

They edited my poor English there. They also made it less cynical and sarcastic than the original here.

Still, I am waiting for others to flood the SCMP post box with antagonistic letters towards mine, let's all read SCMP from now on.

Which version do you prefer?


  1. The original version is quite atrocious (style-wise, not content). Whoever edited your letter did a very good job.

    I only wish someone could do the same about this entire blog...*shudder*

  2. That's why we're not SCMP, but the Libertines Pub.

    Come back for more!


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