10 July 2009

Stop treating our kids as guinea pigs, at least for once on drug test

I personally oppose drug test of any sort on our kids. I am not going to discuss my controversial libertarian stance here. I even think that schoolbag search, which is very common for schools in Hong Kong, is unfounded. So you have an idea about the libertarian inside me.

Today is 10 July, they're talking about launching this "pilot scheme" on drug testing in school in September. It is reported in SCMP (yes shit! login required) today that they still don't have an idea on who to get the results first.

I am sure, and I am sure they know, and I am sure that they know we know, that they don't have a clue on what they're doing.

Knowing that they don't know what to do, and that there are definite risks of negative impact on our kids, they still want to treat them as guinea pigs, they called that "pilot scheme".

"Pilot schemes" are used when you have a clear project operation plan and want to give the system a test, but not testing out methods on guinea pigs to come up with a plan.

If any school principal fails to understand that, the person couldn't manage a school.

If any AO fails to understand that, give me back your HK$30K+ pay cheque!

If any CE fails to understand that, then I don't know what to do...

If they are not going to kick the test as I wish, at least work out a good plan! A well-planned murder is usually less brutal than an ad hoc one.

Survival tips on drug tests:

They said parents and kids will have to give their consent on the test. Fuck that. If you're a kid, would you have the guts to refuse the test?

So I'm going to walk you through the non-sense of it, so you could do some non-sense if you're unlucky.
  1. Open any search engine and type "how to pass a drug test?" You will get thousands of suggestions and things to buy online!
  2. Pick an easy to memorise name out of the list of substances which give you false positive results. Tell them you took that the other night for your headache or cold. In other countries, they will give you another test, or another more thorough test, some time later, and you will be dead. But as I said, people here don't know what they're doing. You probably will get through!
  3. Switch to other things. Cough syrup sounded like a good candidate. Or you might as well go back to the harder but out of fashion stuff like heroin and become a real junkie. No school will take you, and no more drug test! Because they're those boring dicks who never get high, they don't understand the fantastic and dynamic world of drugs! They don't know that we can actually switch! Keep exploring new stuff to get high on, fellas; and screw their test!
  4. Softer recreational drug like marijuana is out of the question. Don't take them, because they stay in your body for a whole month! Cocaine lasts for only 1-4 days. It's ok to do coke during summer holiday, Christmas holiday, and maybe Easter holiday too! You can manage to go back clean!
  5. It's actually easy to keep a little bottle of clean urine, or a few clean hair, with you. Don't be a lazy ass, pal! Keeping a little bottle of urine alongside your bottles of ketamine is really nothing!
After all, why worry about the test at all? I don't think they know what they want to do to you even if you're tested poisonous, I mean, literally having poison running in your vein.

Maybe they will just kick you out of school? I don't know. It seems to me that they don't have a plan at all and just don't want you to get high in school. If not, why don't they do something about the dealers instead of the users? Chickening out because the dealers are the bloodlust triad members?

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