21 July 2009

Stop depriving our teens of their basic human rights

First came the drug test in school, then the sniffer dogs.

Now they're talking about limiting the freedom of travel on teenagers to Shenzhen.

We might as well just throw all of our kids to prison, like what is suggested here.

Are we trying to bring up a bunch of idiots, who only know how to follow instructions and know nothing about freedom and responsibility of choice?

Put yourself into our kids' shoes. How does it feel to have dogs breaking into your classroom sniffing around, to have your pee confiscated once in a while for tests which could give false positive results easily, and to be barred from visiting Shenzhen for cheap DVDs with friends? I'd rather shoot myself with speedball and actualise what the "adults" wanted to prove so badly, that we're all wasted!

I'm glad that I've long passed my teenage. Or else I'd possibly be deprived of my freedom to travel entailed by the Basic Law article 31.

If you go around the corner and ask whoever you get if they treasure liberty, I don't think you're going to get one "no" out of the hundreds of them. If you have a Facebook account, it's very likely that you will put "liberal" in your political view field (I don't).

But in view of the recent disarray including the school drug test, movie poster censorship, and the attack on my beloved Chrissie Chau, I can't help but think Hong Kong people actually see eye to eye with Jacky Chan. What's up with these 18,XXX people here, then?

We might be fighting for a democratic society, but it seems that it's a totalitarian one we're looking at now.

Our kids are not lesser humans. They shouldn't have lesser rights, and they should be taught to take full responsibility of their choices.

Oppression and surveillance are never going to cut it. Throwing them to prison like situation only gives the impression that you care less about your kids, you entrust your kids to a prison system. It's education and parenting ABC.

It's about giving them the freedom and trust with proper guidance. Raising a kid is much like flying a kite. If you don't let go, it will only be a retarded paper thing sticking around you doing nothing.

And for those in governmental advisory bodies, please start using your brains and think carefully about what you're suggesting. I know it's easy to bullshit through your agenda there, but think about those who're at stake, I beg you!

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