21 July 2009

Politic: the Masquerade or Imma gonna say wutever it please you as long as I get the declious cake

A while ago I was catching up on some The Daily Show and found out that Jon Stewart was having Former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate of the 2008 election Mike Huckabee as a guest on the show. By the power of internet social commentary I hereby demand you to watch that clip. HERE

Go ahead. Watch it. I’ll wait for you here. For those of you who’ve already seen it, you is free to do what you want for the next 20 minutes. After that you belong to me again.

As you have already seen the interview/debate (for those who still have not seen it, please slap yourself repeatedly then watch the clip) it underlined the issue of abortion, and at the end of the debate, although Steward and Huckabee both have rather different view points, I must say Huckabee brought a lot of humanity and honestly into such an dynamic issue, and both the host and guest deserved respect for having such a civil discussion on t.v. Which was rare and I was so shock by the niceness that I had to watch a clip of Bill O’reilly yelling ‘’you have blood on your hand!’’ to counter-balance my media compass. Here Have Some Billo (Skip to 7:20 for RAGE!!!)

At the end, I must agree that abortion is such a complex issue, that it cannot be definite by answer such as simple Yes or No, right or wrong. Let it be Pro life or Pro choice, demonizing each other simply enhance the ignorance within us, and leads us to do even stupider stuff.

The topic of Abortion aside, it is refreshing to see Huckabee so willingly engage in a civil discussion, and display a side of a man who’s sensible and willing to listen to the other side of the argument while rationally explaining his points to his opponent . Unlike some douche here who’s flat out to decline the other side and claim the question is silly.

Hey…. Wait a minutes there… ……oh c'mon…

Same O’Huckabee. The differences?

1st interview is Mike Huckabee host of the show ‘Huckabee’. The 2nd?? Mick Huckabee-Republican President Candidate.

Oh that makes sense now.

I understand tat Mike needed the dumb conservative Christian vote for the primaries but then again,I expect sumone who has a Bachelor degree in Religion(1) would have a better argument of creationism than a simple ‘’I really don’t know’’. But then again, I expect too much.

What about you? Fellow Libertineian? What do you expect from your politicians? Do you expect them to say everything perfectly according to YOUR moral standard and everything he/she does is superhumanly political and socially correct? Do you get mad(2)every time a politician SAID something ‘WRONG’? Do you feel pumped up every time a politician said they gonna represent you and fight for you?. Or. Do you recognized the fact that Politic is just an occupation field and politician is merely a job title, whatever the fuck the guy on stage says, really actually, just mattered on stage.

Little footnotes:

1) trust wiki!! it's over 8000% fact! Written by people who can be trusted 1100% that makes wiki's Truthiness level say.. over 9000%?!
2) Hey kids, DT doesnt represent u, No, but a facebook page totally does.


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