23 July 2009

The Libertines Pub proudly presents its first conspiracy theory: The making of an Orwellian Hong Kong

Conspiracy theories are proven to be popular, so I decided to work out one here to boost the traffic to our site.

Eric and I discussed one day on why Hong Kong people had become so conservative, and even worse, hypocritical in recent years. We both have no clue. Considering the overall education level and degree of interaction with the western world, Hong Kong shouldn't be that conservative.

We started to consider if it's about the Chinese blood in us. As a born sceptic (on almost everything), and worse, having studied the "queen of all sciences", I cannot take that. After all, I trusted that I have Chinese blood in me as well, though all the people I know think that I am at least a 1/4 Indian. But I have openly admitted that I am a libertine.

Until I read this inspiring blog entry today I think I can make up a theory. (Sorry, Chinese again; if you don't read Chinese, you can take my theory as original, and that's even better...)

There is an Orwellian organisation in Hong Kong.

By growing a bunch of Orwellian Gen X, who now became parents, teachers, media professionals, public policy makers and advisers, they are now moralising Hong Kong.

They must also have training and control centres around the world, so that they can train the elites doublethink when they studied overseas, to avoid them becoming westernised and liberated.

These elites, no matter coming back from overseas universities or getting their first class honour degrees in Hong Kong, climbed to the top of the social ladder easily, and became prominent individuals of the society.

Some of them work in the media, and successfully lead their teams to create deviancy amplification spirals and hence moral panic.

Some of them got invited to join different advisory bodies. Some became teachers and parents. In response to the moral panic created by their comrades, they advise us to lock our kids into prisons, call our sex workers whores, make Coco Chanel looked gross, trigger a backlash against our hot chicks, and restrict our freedom of expression.

They, together with the religious rights, are creating an age of idiots. By doublethink and with newspeak, they want us to stop asking why and challenging the authority, and to start accepting the accepted.

They also create moral high grounds as weapon to attack their rivals. You see what happened to Ludvik in Kundera's The Joke.

Once enough idiots are created and the moral high grounds secured, the Big Brother can conquer our society with no sweat. Hong Kong will become an Orwellian dystopia in no time.

It seems to me that the Orwellian organisation will get me in any time. If you will, please send this entry to these people and ask for help, as they claimed that they fight for democracy in Hong Kong. But make sure he is not alerted, as I suspect him to be an Orwellian.

Hope you will see my next entry.

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