27 July 2009

The debate that I rather miss on teen models

I missed the City Forum on Sunday for some good sleep in bed, and I think I didn't miss a shit.

For one thing, I don't understand why the City Forum had to discuss the recent row over the teen models. But yes, there're not much issues around Hong Kong these days, and they still have to do something anyway. The Libertines Pub faces the same problem, we had a hard time shoving everybody to crap a shit or two here every week.

The guests list also tells that the issue concerns nobody. This lad called Isaac who stirred up these different stupid Facebook groups is certainly a joke. But Erica Yuen was there too?

I was not interested in the debate at all, though the Standard told me just now that it was quite a rational one, apart from the "going a bit too far" remarks made by Ms Yuen.

I read the summary of her remarks in her conspicuous blog and found that our former Miss Hong Kong contestant is telling us a major moral myth.

What exactly are the moral values that we should be defending against these teen models?

I am sure these books are far from being pornographic. Tell me why they are pornographic if you do not agree.

Ms Yuen said that those photos are obscene, but refused to explain why they are so. Erica, may I call you that? Do you realise that "pornographic" and "obscene" are value-laden qualifiers which are not "factual" as you imagined and claimed in your blog? You owe us an exposition on those!

The Williams Committee, chaired by one of my favourite modern philosophers Professor Bernard Williams, concluded in 1979 that pornography has very little to do with the social problems we had tried to blame it on. The relationship between obscenity and pornography is even more obscure.

It's entirely wrong and reckless to assume that our kids are totally ignorant and are idiots whom we can freely manipulate. They might be more reasonable and intelligent than most of the adults and especially the hypocrites in our society. In any case they need to learn how to judge independently on things, it's best to make them learn how to make their free choices and be responsible for them, as I discussed in another entry.

So Erica, if the teen models books are not pornographic nor obscene; and that even if they are pornographic or obscene, no harm can possibly be done if they're not sold or shown to the minors; how degrading these teen models could possibly be?

To argue that teen "modeling" leads to compensated dating, prostitution, and adult video is a laughable BS; even if God grants that argument logical, why are those things immoral? Maybe the pejoratives are working here?

Maybe Erica actually has something to say in good faith here. Maybe she doesn't want to see any of these young girls possibly being abused by the agents and the media. But I rather believe that it's a healthy contractual relationship working there, what we liberals treasure. Something one despised maybe what others desire. Certain feminists do support pornography, anybody realises that?

I was asked many times before my views on these teen models. I thought they're neither sexually interesting nor morally significant. But then the City Forum had to talk about that, so why not the Libertines Pub.


  1. I agree!! Although I haven't lived in HK for a long long time now, from what I read in newspapers and what I see and hear from TV programmes and radio shows, Hong Kong is not very liberal at all. (I heard they even tried to ban the poster for Coco before Channel as Audrey Tantou was holding a cigarette!) Someone once said that Mainland China is more liberal as it's formed in 1949, Taiwan with its Nationalist Governemt are still stuck in the 1920s, and HK is even worse, and are stuck in the Ching Dynasty was it was ceded to Britain.

  2. Yes, Dave, we talked about the Coco Chanel poster here too!

    I'll post your Mainland/Taiwan/HK comparison in our Facebook group!

  3. Great post! Really insightful. I have not monetized by blog in any way, I didn’t even know where to begin. but you’ve given some helpful tips.


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