30 July 2009

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Pejoratives: written for my redneck colleagues and friends

"Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her." John 8:7

I intended not to repeat a topic in the Pub. But the Facebook is flooded with pejoratives these days. I read again my earlier entry to see if I have made myself clear enough. I know the Libertines Pub could be quite inconvenient intellectually for most of the rednecks. But yes, my earlier entry on pejoratives only showed that there is no good reason to use pejoratives to talk about sex workers. I have not proved explicitly the possible harm of pejoratives, though I actually discussed that briefly in another Pub entry and in my Dictionary blog.

For the sake of those rednecks who hardly use their brains, I will be straightforward and simple; for those who enjoyed the Pub for its lightheartedness and provocation, this might be a bit boring, but I beg you to keep reading to show your support.

The reason why we should not call sex workers "whores" instead of "sex workers" is that by calling them "whores", we make everyone believes that they're lower lives; we marginalise them. For those of you who read Chinese, I begged you to stop labeling "性工作" and "援助交際" as "賣淫" in my earlier entry.

Zi Teng, a Hong Kong organisation for the rights of sex workers, told us clearly that young people involved in compensated dating were marginalised by the popular negative moral assessment. They are afraid of seeking help openly.

So rednecks, I know you don't understand, I will give you another example.

Imagine you're now in 1980s, you're a patient who needs regular blood transfusion. Misery likes company, you got infected with HIV. At the time, it's a popular belief that you could only be gay to have aids. And being homosexual was taken to be immoral. You don't want to even show up in the hospital for your aids treatment, because you know people around will call you "faggot" and condemn you for your "sin". You end up dying one month after your infection at home alone.

That is the harm marginalisation brings. Similarly, because those young people in compensated dating know that you "adults" would condemn their acts, they go deeper underground. Those who wanted to help them can never find them anymore.

I was asked by certain Samuel what would I say if one of my immediate family members got involved in compensated dating or prostitution. I jokingly answered that I might already have one in that, so what?

I should give my more sincere answer here: if it is the case like what Samuel asked, I hope that people around could all help him/her instead of condemning him/her morally. So fucking obvious, right?!

For those of you who mouthed off in Facebook that "compensated dating (援助交際)" is "obscenity soliciting(賣淫)" and should be condemned, I beg you to think the matter over. I know that some of you don't want your kids to live in a future world where compensated dating became an extra-curricular activity, that's why you want to condemn it and hope that it will be killed and cleaned.

For one thing, I am quite sure that the recent hype on compensated dating is a deviancy amplification spiral; compensated dating won't become an extra-curricular activity. Moreover, prostitution of any sort will always be there. There is always a possibility of your children getting involved, face it!

Condemning it with pejoratives will only make it harder for us to help these young people, possibly any of your kids, in the future.

Anybody still wants to stone the woman?

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