31 July 2009

Breaking News: Henry has yet to be taken into custody

The Orwellian has not got me.

Eric and I almost shitted in our pants yesterday when we saw there had been 185 pages loaded in a single day. What scared the hell out of us most was that out of the 185 pages viewed, 47 pages came from one single IP address. That IP address followed us for more than 15 hours. The worst information was that, our StatCounter told us that the surveillance was from SHEUNG WAN!!! The first thing I could think of was the Big Brother here.

Eric and I ended our MSN chat with a long goodbye. Eric then went "lubing his ass" so that it would be easier when he meets Jack Bauer around the corner. We only hoped that we would end up in the same labour camp.

I then went to have my hair done in preparation for the camp.

I soon found out that it was my hairdresser.

Anyway, the Libertines Pub will have its 1,000th page viewed soon (now 995). People from 16 countries somehow stayed with our blog for zero second to 15 hours.

Thanks for everyone who argued with me or commented on our blog in Facebook or through MSN, special thanks to:
  1. My hairdresser who made Eric and I understood the profoundness of our friendship, and the importance of having a bottle of lube around;
  2. My redneck colleagues and the only one liberal among them;
  3. The husband who got forced into discussion with me by his lovely wife;
  4. Colleagues of the husband above;
  5. That lazy university lecturer;
  6. That school bullying victim who never understands a single word of us, and hence making us feel that we must be right;
  7. Those Twitters;
  8. That young man living in UK for most of his life who writes better Chinese than most of the news reporters in Hong Kong;
  9. That pretty young lady who only communicates with me through Facebook and whom I never understand;
  10. That news reporter;
  11. Erica Yuen, who simply ignored my entry dedicated to her, even though I personally linked it to her blog, and while another guy copied the whole content there again some days later.
I will continue being the provocative, libterine ass, until the Orwellians take me into custody. Stay tuned!


  1. Nice work, Henry.C. I did promote your site to 15 peoples around the world.

  2. Those who stayed for zero second? LOL!

  3. I can confirm actual conversation did take place. And no, don't freaking ask me what brand of lube I use.


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