30 July 2009

And now for something completely different

Greeting! Fellow readers of blogs, once again I have the privilege to grace your screens thought literature (can’t say the same about the rest of these entries thou) For those of you who are unfamiliar with yours truly- Ma Wing Shun at your service.

Now I am sure you are all aware of the recent events that has unfolded, and I for one can no longer stand the non sense! Hence I err… ‘borrowed’ my dear cousin Eric’s laptop, in order to address you all.

The nonsense that I referred to, of course is the sickening states of moral unconsciousness the Hong Kong Book Fair has demonstrated! I am extremely disappointed at how they handled the affair: teen model should dress appropriately? This is a bloody outrage!! (pardon my french) WHAT ABOUT THE VISITORS AND STAFF? How come there's no rules in making sure they are dressed appropriately? They are the same human being as teen model!?! Why letting them off?!

Let me quote Isaac Cheung's reason- I am not angry at the models but opposes their presence at the fair because their fans may get too excited and distract genuine book lovers.

Exactly! I am with you there Isaac! I AM A GENUINE BOOK LOVER. Who's there to protect me from being distracted because visitors and staffs were dressed inappropriately?!?! Fudge that! Oh and my love for books doesn't end at the book fair! Who's there to protect me from being distracted while I read outside! I shall be writing to our all powerful government, demanding them to make a law! A law to make sure everyone is dressed appropriately AT ALL TIME! (Why do I have to do your work for you Isaac? 3 mins of fame is enough already?)

You know what else really bother me? Teen models! yes! I totally agreed with Erica's Yuen's argument! Teen model poses are disgusting! Of course they spread immoral message to our innocent asexual male population!! Where else would you find such obscene stuff? No where! I tell you! NO WHERE! It's all teen model's fault!!

Oh and like Erica said, their pose are not healthy sexy!! Proper model and Ms. Hong Kong are healthy sexy, everyone knows that! The only reason guys gawk at proper model and Ms. Hong Kong in swim suit is only because it reminds them of their feminine sides, surely not because it reminds them of sex!! Just ask any guy you know!

Lastly! For the last time (play of words there without swearing again! Ma 2 - Eric 0) Teen model are not model!! Forgive me for repeatedly quoting Erica's amazing logic- Models are nothing but mannequin for fashions and products! if you were not sell any product, you are not a model!! I hereby declared Chrissie Chow and all those no good succubus as Teen nonmodel. While we are at it I would also like to recall Mona Lisa, Virginie Gautreau, Madame Ginoux, Whistler’s Mother, Dora Maar and renamed them as Art-nonmodel as they were clearly not sell anything at all while being painted. Shame on those attention seeking whores!

My work here. Is done. (I can hear Eric cursing and running this way)

Until next time heathens,

Yours Truly,

Ma Wing Shun.

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