11 June 2009

"You're so disgusting!!" But, do you mean it?

Face it, we are all dirty.

As an open libertine and an aggressive asshole, there're innumerable times where I made people around speechless, by openly challenge their comments on others' "sexual morality".

"It's so gross!!"

"You're such a sexual pervert!!"

Back in their bedrooms, do they all fuck in missionary position only, and even say a prayer beforehand?

I suspect not. I even suspect it's not in the bedroom...

I hope that our prolific psychologists will one day invent a kind of abnormality called hypocrisy. Setting heavenly "moral" standards for oneself and others publicly while letting anything goes privately sounded perverted to me.

I asked, with my perfect sincerity, why they think that something or certain person is perverted or gross. I respect the few of them who gave me their grounds for their comments, or their religious values behind their remarks. I only pity them for their lack of fun in life.

But the others are simply dumbfounded. They simply picked up the comments and judgements from others. Or, they thought that they ought to make such remarks, everybody does!

But I suspect the true reason is that they don't mean it.

If we all stop being sexual hypocrites, maybe the society as a whole could start meaningfully discuss sexuality, people could start seeking help openly when needed, and we can all stop being so perverted.

Of course I'm not saying that there is no sexual abnormality. There are people who are sick sexually and who needed help; there're clinical definitions for abnormality. But they are not immoral people. You don't morally condemn a cancer patient for being sick, the person is simply sick.

I wonder since when abnormality became a value-laden weapon for the hypocrites.


  1. Yes sir. As a liberal Christian myself (such things exist? I heard u asked lol). althou my Religion's ''text book'' clearly condemn homosexuality (funny how it also tells me not to eat shellfish in Leviticus 11:12), I for one can't help but think that isn't homosexuality just a abnormality itself? (see your paradox about cancer patient). and as a christian should we not show extra compassion toward them? People argue that allowing gays to marry ruins the sacrament of marriage. shouldn't we ban divorce then?
    That's why most people don't hate God, they just hate his/her stupid stubborn fanclub.

  2. Yes to the fanclub thing.

    I myself admire Christianity a lot...but maybe not it's fanclub...


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