25 June 2009

What image could be damaged if our coppers take to the street this Sunday?

Someone has to enlighten me regarding the remarks made by our CE Donald Tsang, our Honourable Henry Tang and Ambrose Lee, the chief of administration and chief of security in Hong Kong.

They, alongside our Honourable yet entirely negligible Legco Exco member Lau Kong Wah, claimed that the police officers will "bring impact to the positive image of the police force" by protesting in the street this Sunday concerning their pay structure review.

Although I still hold my belief that all civil servants are overpaid, and certainly don't want to see the money I got ripped off every year under the name "tax" goes to their blundered pay cheques, I am at the same time puzzled by the remarks made.

Why our coppers could damage their image by taking to the street?

Does the Hong Kong Police Academy (yes, Academy!) teach them how to surrender their freedom of expression?

Again, our overpaid government officials tried to hypnotise us with their moral myth, that there is an image of the police force that could be damaged by a street protest.

Alas! The myth goes like this: whenever people march on the street, the police officers should be the marshals around the corners. The whole picture will be terribly wrong and unpleasantly portrayed if the places are switched. That is THE image!

I couldn't take that myth. To me, having an informant raped inside a police station is what really damaged the image of the police force.

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