05 June 2009

Sympathy for the devil? Or is there any in the Nina Wang battle of wills?

How I wish the Nina Wang court case ends immediately.

Every morning my redneck colleagues will start cursing Tony Chan for at least an hour from 0915, after reading the reports on the case which might only go well with their stinky breakfasts. Most people made a judgement before the court does, which deems the court battle so meaningless.

Almost all of them think that Tony Chan is the greedy man who ripped Wang off her fortune, and that the assets should goes to the Chinachem Charitable Foundation run by members of her family.

What if Wang and Chan were really romantically in love? Why not? It is for the court to settle the issue of Wang's wills; until the judgement says that Chan is lying, I don't see any ground for us to condemn him at all.

Just because Chan is 20 years younger, they're deprived of the right to be romantically in love and to intimately and sexually caress each other? Even if Chan was a gigolo who set himself a high standard in terms of money return and if Wang gladly and happily accepted the service, what bothers you guys at all?

The last one is really the question, why do we care?

Our curious fellas of course won't admit that they're just nosy. They say, because the estate can be better used as charity.

Do we know anything about the Chinachem Charity Trust, run by siblings of Wang, yet? Charity trust or foundation, just like any company or organisation, can also be run badly.

I do not intend in any sense or to any extent to suggest that the Trust was, is, or will be run badly. I actually do not know. I tried to google about the Trust, but found no website or whatever information about the Trust. I only want to bust the myth most of us have, that is, being charitable means being good. If a charitable organisation or trust is run badly, it can mean that every dollar you gave, only 10 cents or less will finally reach the hands of the needed.

So having a charitable trust on one side of the battle doesn't automatically ground their side a victory.

Could we shut the fuck up from now on and let the court do its job?


  1. Again the media choosing what news we should be watching.
    Note to the Hong Kong people: freedom of speech(news) doesn't mean letting despicable paparazzi taking whatever photo, interview they want. Freedom of speech/news is the freedom for YOU to chose whatever means of media, source and view point YOU want. like Henry said, Why do we even care about Nina Wang? do we really want to? or that's all we see?

  2. oh and lol @ the redneck comment. hahahaa


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