24 June 2009

Let us not fail liberty again. A call to arms

My fellow Libertinian! Liberty herself is once again being threaten! Do we dare sit and do nothing while she is being taken away from our very eyes?

If you are aware of the situation in Iran, then you are aware that a revolution is on! bitches!

But yet tyranny has struck, with the arrest of Edrahim Yazdi and violent crack down on the protest, the revolution is going thought a dark phase

Other voices of dissent Maziar Bahari and Mohammad Ali Abtahi were arrested as well, click to see Jason Jones's interview with them to get to know them better. nice blokes. really.

Now if there is one thing that yours truly really hate to see, is to see the man/tyranny/the bad guys/etc.. win, yeah but what could one do?

Here Ebrahim Yazdi's son explained on the Daily Show how his father is fearing for this fellow countrymen, and also plead for the general public to write their Iranian Embassy demanding explaination from the Iranian Goverment, as it seem internation spotlight would be an idea tool to help our fellow humankind in Iran. Please watch.

Still think there's nothing you can do? think again.

Let us DARE to show our support for liberty!
Are you really just gonna sit there and let liberty wither again? Or you gonna be one of those who that gonna tell their grandkids that, YOU WERE PART OF THE IRANIAN REVOLUTION?

Is this not for the same reason you sit in Victory Park holding candle on every 4th June??

Write a letter, send an email, u can give them a call too if that's what gets you off. Demand an explanation from them, ask them what are they doing to their people.

Consulate of Iran
Rooms 4010-12, 40/F, Office Tower,
Convention Plaza, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai
(852) 2845 8002

thank you.
Here is a list of Iranian Embassy around the world, and their contact.


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