17 June 2009

Coco Chanel just finished picking her nose and thinking about what to do with the stuff she found...

Like the creationism issue we talked about earlier, SCMP was the first newspaper having reported on another absurdity happened in this great city. Ming Pao's report came as late as today.

Of course, I'm late as well. Since I read the news from SCMP while taking shit days ago, I have spent some good time thinking about what to write about that. I finally decide that I should let you see it yourself.

Above is the original Hong Kong version movie poster.

Above is the "righted" version after our anti-smoking activists launched their complaint. I couldn't find the Hong Kong version, so I uploaded the French one. I saw the Hong Kong version in other places, and it's the same as the French one above.

Is the Coco in the second poster playing with what she picked out of her nose or something?

I have nothing against anti-smoking activists nor the various bans on smoking. But the above just looked so ridiculously odd.

I understand that the law bans any mentioning or presentation of smoking or tobacco in the public, hence, they did what they did above.

Hong Kong was not the first place to have made such a move. Paris did that in April. But even their health minister and the politician behind their smoking ban law said that "the rules are taken too ridiculously far" and that "the ban shouldn't be extended to their cultural heritage."

I hope we can be less panic on these kinds of things. I started smoking not because I had seen any celebrity holding a cigarette instead of picking his or her nose. I was curious as a young kid and it was readily available from my buddie. It's as simple as that.

If a kid could be influenced by the mere look at a cool picture, the kid will go for a puff eventually for any other reasons. You don't have to worry.

It might be ok to ban tobacco advertisement, but the above poster is definitely not a tobacco advertisement. It is only taken to be one by the definition of the law.

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  1. Every time i see the modified coco channel poster, i can't help but smile, and feel the inside of my nose itch.


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