22 June 2009

Are we heading to an American Justice?

Came across this BBC report on Facebook.

Bunch of sex offenders have to camp under a bridge in Miami "because of a law which prohibits those who have sexually abused minors from living within 760m of anywhere children congregate". That means nowhere within the city of Miami but under that bridge.

People coming out of their correctional services because of the offense were dropped there. Some even got their driving license issued with the bridge as their address.

They are "imprisoned" in a place with condition worse than a proper prison. There is no water supply, no electricity, no sewage, no nothing.

Does that sound familiar to our fellas in Hong Kong?

Those from Mui Wo want Christian Zheng Sheng College nowhere near their home. Admit it, a local school for Mui Wo kids is an excuse. Somebody got their degrading comments taped (Our expat friend suggested searchlights to be installed!!!).

But you guys out there denouncing the Mui Wo people, make pretty sure that you are not only a hypocritical ass. Be prepared not to eat your own words when Zheng Sheng comes around your neighbourhood.

If most of us are only being hypocritical in this incident, than we can easily imagine that Zheng Sheng students will end up living in squalor like those sex offenders under the bridge.

If you want to live in a utopian society, now you got another choice besides Singapore, Miami welcomes you!

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